RC cars offer a great time to children and adults alike, and they promote family bonding and playing outdoors. They are a fantastic recreation option, allowing everyone to go outside and drive a remotely controlled vehicle. Also, with RC cars you sharpen your reflexes and learn more about driving. You master hand and eye coordination, which is crucial in driving and controlling things more efficiently. For all these reasons, these products have gained popularity over the years, and their sales have gone through the roof as have the number of cars available from which to choose. These cars can be costly so here is a list of the best cheap RC cars of 2016. When you want to buy an RC car, you should make sure that it meets the highest quality standards. Otherwise, you will be disappointed when the car breaks after a while. It should be sturdy and powerful, able to reach great speeds and acceleration. Depending on the specific needs of yours, the RC car can be ideal for off-road driving, driving indoors, or in the backyard. It is important to check out the particular features the RC car offers so that you can see if the car will live up to your expectations.


There are marvelous RC cars in the market nowadays, due to the popularity of such items. However, they come in various shapes and sizes. Some of them have been made with more focus on off-road experience, whereas others are more modern and elegant in style. You want to get the most suitable RC car that covers your needs. However, it is safe to say that you will find an extensive range of price rates for these cars. Cost does not reflect the quality standards of the RC car, though. So you are better off with an inexpensive vehicle, yet one that is practical to use. To help you out, this is a list of the best cheap RC cars of 2016. If you pay attention to the description of these remotely controlled vehicles, you will see that you do not need to pay a fortune buying an excellent, high-quality RC car for you and your loved ones. Determine the exact use of the RC car, compare and contrast the features available in each case, and make your decision wisely. THE BEST RC CARS OF 2016:

TOZO RC CAR HighSpeed 32MPH 4x4

TOZO RC CAR HighSpeed 32MPH 4x4 is one of the most popular options for you to consider among best cheap RC cars of 2016. It is stylish and durable, with a powerful motor and able to reach high speeds. If you enjoy off-road driving, this RC car is an excellent choice. It is easily adjustable to any type of terrain, making sure that no damage prevents you from driving around this beautiful RC vehicle. It has rubber wheels and a mechanism which lowers the impact of vibration on the car. This means that it is steady, and it is not likely to break and spoil your fun.

Babrit RC Car 2WD

Next on our list of the best cheap RC cars of 2016 is the Babrit RC Car 2WD 1:32. The Babrit 2WD 1:32 is one of the best choices you can make. It is very affordable and comes with four-wheel independent vibration system. You can charge the battery of this attractive RC vehicle quite easily, using a USB cable for your convenience. It is safe and uncomplicated, yet sturdy and reliable while driving. It can reach speeds of 30 km per hour and includes impressive acceleration. The design of the car will captivate you, while the tires will not let you down during your driving experience.

Best Cheap RC Cars of 2016: Metakoo Electric Fast off Road Remote Control Ca

Metakoo Electric Fast off Road Remote Control Car

Metakoo Electric Fast off Road Remote Control Car is one more excellent option for a great bargain and is one of the best cheap RC cars of 2016. Its speed maximizes at over 40 km per hour, it features a huge motor and two LED headlights. It is one of the most powerful RC cars on the market, and it is available at a very reasonable price. Its tires are durable and inflatable, prolonging its life-span to the best possible extent. It is amazing how the four-wheel independent suspension system design offers such a great driving thrill every single time. If you are looking for a highly efficient and extra powerful RC car, this is an excellent choice.

Babrit F11

Babrit F11 High Speed 1/12 completes the best cheap RC cars of 2016. It is perfect for off-road driving, and it can go over 40 km per hour without breaking a sweat. It is easy to handle and drive around, and the easily rechargable battery lasts for a long time. It is waterproof, and performs well, whether you are a kid or an adult. Children will love it particulary, due to its modern design and simple remote control. S-Truck suspension technology makes the car stable and reliable under all circumstances, which is a fantastic feature. It is relatively lightweight, and covers the needs of every RC car lover around.

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