What are the Best RC Cars going into 2017?


RC stands short for “Radio-Controlled” or “Remote-Controlled” (depending on the model), and in the reference with cars, it means that they operate on long range.  What are the best RC cars?   There are different categories of RC cars – some are toys, some are hobby cars, while some are delicate contraptions that are fueled by gasoline or even nitro.

Anyway, we’re here to give you the answer to “What are the best RC cars for 2017”, and why, so let’s begin.

What are the Best RC Cars for 2017?

Since the festive season is coming, some brands might get you a discount on your RC car, but even without it the ones we reviewed are not too expensive. All of them are cost-effective, mainly because they’re specialized in certain fields so they can accommodate the needs of everyone.

Anyhow, let’s get down to it. The Best RC cars for Christmas are:


Traxxas Rustler – RC car with the best Overall Performance

An RC car model with the most versatility, and the best overall specifications. Doesn’t require any experience, but it’s quite fast and supplied with a trademark Traxxas stability systems. You can’t go wrong with it, whatever your reasons are for driving an RC car.

Ideal use: Everything from racing to simple cruising, the Traxxas Rustler does it all.

Required Skill level: You can’t damage it easily, it’s very fast, big enough for other cars to notice it. Everyone can enjoy it.

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Team Associated RC 10 B6 – The best RC Buggy

I wouldn’t call the RC10 B6 “a professional hobby RC car”, but it is pretty close. It’s a buggy, which means that it has two wheels to carry it onward and two wheels to support the weight and balance the car. Decently fast, the main attributes of this car are the easy customization due to unassembled and unpainted body, satisfactory durability, and moderate price.

Ideal use: Not too versatile because of the buggy design. Since it operates on the two wheel system any uphill racing is off the limits if the angle is too high. Otherwise, everything is available.

Required skill level: A beginner might find it quite difficult to master the two wheel system of driving, so you might want to try out an RC car that’s more suitable for beginners.

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Team LOSI 8IGHT-E 4.0 – The RC car with the best Four-Wheel-Drive system

Simply saying four-wheel-drive doesn’t mean much to you, so we’ll explain it – this means that the RC car uses all of its possibilities. Every wheel fights for balance when you steer and slide so that this car remains stable. Once you’ve accustomed to this system, you can get more fun out of it. Anyhow, it’s quite durable and fast, but it’s not cheap.

Ideal use: Very versatile and stable, so use it for whichever purpose – just make sure it involves sharp turns for the best experience.

Required skill level: Intermediate. The Four-wheel-drive system is not so easy to learn. You could drive it for fun, but paying top dollar gets you more benefits than that.

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Traxxas XO-1 – The FASTEST RC car

Without a doubt, Traxxas makes the best RC cars on the market. This model is the fastest we’ve come across, and it’s also extremely beautiful – the design of XO-1 is incredibly appealing and available in four different colors. Strong motor, durable material, machined aluminum hubs and aerodynamic body. Send it flying with the push of a button and enjoy, but be prepared to pay a fortune.

Ideal use: Definitely racing. Being the fastest RC car on the market it would be a shame if you didn’t race with it.

Required skill level: High. In the case you don’t know how to handle the speed, you might end up destroying a couple hundreds of dollars.

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Redcat Racing EXP Drift Car – The best on road car

At first sight, it’s different from the others. It has smaller wheels, lower roof, and a more compact design. These features tell you that it’s best suited for road racing. The low roof and small wheels grip on the asphalt and cement a lot better than other models, so when you start driving you will fly like a bullet.

Anyhow, the polycarbonate body and aluminum capped shocks will make sure that your RC car doesn’t get destroyed. It’s very fast, but it’s not too versatile. Not too cheap, but definitely not expensive. You might want to consider purchasing this as a gift for your little boy as it’s one of the best RC cars for Christmas.

Ideal use: Road racing and freestyle. This car is not too versatile, so you should stick with the asphalt or cement as you won’t get far if you experiment with different surfaces.

Required skill level: Beginner – Intermediate. If you simply wish to have fun, you don’t need any skill to control this vehicle, but if you wish to road race with it, some skill is required.

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Redcat Racing Volcano EXP PRO – Best RC Truck

It would be more appropriate if we said the best RC Monster Truck, but this will have to do. The most notable characteristic of this RC truck is that it’s huge. It’s not too fast or compact, but it’s extremely durable due to poly-carbonate body and aluminum capped shocks.

I doubt that anyone can find a professional purpose for this RC truck, but it’s more than good enough for any kind of fun – the big wheels can go over literally everything, so use your imagination and entertain yourself.

Ideal use: Anything that involves entertainment. It won’t help you with races, but that’s the only limitation that’s placed on it. Run over stuff, drive it around, balance it on two wheels – there are endless options.

Required skill level: Beginner. You don’t need the skill to have fun.


HPI Racing 112878 E-Firestorm

HPI Racing 112878 E-Firestorm RTR – the best RC Truggy

Somebody came up with the idea to combine the buggy and truck designs of RC cars and the result was Truggy. It inherited the speed from Buggy and durability and stability from Truck. Anyways, the reason why you should consider this RC car is that it looks absolutely phenomenal and works just as beautiful.

It’s a hybrid – it has a different set of wheels (front and rear are entirely different), it’s got a mixed design, but it’s quite capable of delivering hours and hours of fun. Since it’s not an RC truck, it can be used in races if you wanted to, and one of the best things about it is that it’s not too fast – it’s good for beginners.

Ideal use: As versatile as can be – you can use it for whatever purpose you want.

Required skill level: Beginner. Not fast enough to pose a threat to anyone or to get damaged.


Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme – Best RC Toy Car

This is quite self-explanatory – the RC Toy car looks like a toy, it isn’t too fast or too durable, but it’s also more affordable. This model, however, is extremely powerful, decently durable, but it consumes a lot of batteries in the process.

Anyhow, it’s very valuable for an RC car, and even more so as a toy.

Ideal use: As a gift. It’s a toy, so you might want to consider buying it if you’re a father or a dedicated RC professional who is fond of the old-school design.

Required skill level: Beginner. Obviously, you don’t need a lot of skill to play with a toy.

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Redcat Racing Tornado EXP PRO – Best “Ready to Rebuild” RC car

The thing with RTR RC cars is that they’re simply better after each reassembly. This does not mean that the manufacturers have made a mistake with the design – these cars have to “break in” so that they can shine.

The perfect example of that is Redcat Racing Tornado – it’s quite durable and very fast, but it’s not the best RC car “out of the box”. Anyhow, you will experience some differences after a while, and some of them will include the superior performance of your RC car.

Ideal use: Versatile. Use it for various purposes but make sure that you use it a lot. The break in period will improve the overall performance of your RC car, but don’t overdo it.

Required skill level: Medium – High. Even though you may not need a lot of skill to run this RC car, you will find it very hard to maintain it. Most of these cars run on nitro which needs to be replaced so that the car can run, and that’s a good way to start tinkering.

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Tamiya Grasshopper – the Best RC car for beginners

There’s a simple logic behind this RC car – it’s ideal for beginners because it’s moderately fast and extra durable. It comes supplied with a very basic motor – 380 type, capable of going at satisfactory speeds while the high-quality materials make sure it doesn’t get damaged or broken.

This RC car is so good for beginners because it needs to be assembled. This is a perfect way to get acquainted with RC car tinkering and mechanics, as you will certainly have to replace at least one of the components of your RC car sometime in future.

The buggy design does not make it too fast, and the hybrid wheels make the versatile use possible. Anyhow, everyone has to start somewhere, and there’s no reason why it should not be here.

Ideal use: The Grasshopper is quite versatile, but its options are not limitless. You could learn about the parts by tinkering with it or simply play with it for hours.

Required skill level: Beginner. The reason why everyone can play with this RC car model is because it comes supplied with the features that are very easy to explain and use. Not too fast, not too slow, decently durable and battery operated beginner-level Radio Controlled car.

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