It is very easy to get involved in the hobby of radio controlled cars. If you enjoyed driving your toy RC cars when you were young, you would definitely have fun when it comes to learning how to build your own RC car. Below are a few simple tips to help you get started on this fun-filled journey.

Different Types of RC Cars

There is a wide range of RC cars to choose from when it comes to deciding on which model to build. These cars can be trucks, road buggies, race cars, regular cars, monster trucks and street trucks among many others. However, there are two main distinguishing forms of RC cars: toy style varieties that are commonly sold at toy stores and electronic shops and the kit varieties sold mainly at hobby stores. If you want to build your own RC car you have to decide between these two main varieties

Electric Cars vs. Nitro Cars

When deciding on how to build your own RC car, you must also determine the exact type that you are looking for. Let us compare the two main types; electric and nitro cars. Electric cars are much cheaper to build and maintain than nitro cars. In addition, they also run more quietly and cost less to make than a nitro car.

In contrast, nitro cars usually produce lots of noise and smoke, which is an effect that many enthusiasts love. It is also easy to refuel and can handle more load compared to an electric radio controlled car. Ultimately, it all comes down to your tastes and preferences when it comes to building your own RC car.

Why Buying a Kit Car Makes Sense

The best option for a beginner when it comes to the build your own RC car project is to simply go for the kit type cars. A simple distinguishing tip that you can use is that toy cars are usually advertised as being “remote controlled” while enthusiasts refer to their kit type cars as simply “radio control”.

The main advantage of choosing a kit car over a toy car is the fact that they are faster and more durable. Even though they likely cost a bit more than toy cars, an RC car is easily repairable if it develops problems when it is being operated. The same cannot be said of toy cars. In addition, it is also possible to upgrade a kit car as you build your own RC car to make it stronger, more adjustable, faster, and more durable or simply enhance its overall looks. You basically have more customization options with kit cars than you do with the simple toy cars.

Let us get started on how to build your own RC car



Photo by shoesfullofdust

Photo by shoesfullofdust

Follow All the Instructions Carefully

Since you are building from a ready-made kit, you should first read the manual carefully to check each detail and ensure that you have all the necessary pieces. Spending some time ensuring that you have all necessary parts will save you time during the assembly as there is no need to redo anything.

 Prepare the Workspace

The next step is to create a workspace where you will build your own RC car. Simply place a light material or towel below your workspace to allow you to clearly see all the different parts in the kit. The material will also help in absorbing any spills.

 Avoid Rushing

Give yourself enough time to build your own RC car. Never rush since you may end up making mistakes when connecting the various parts.

Use the Right Tools

Make sure that you have all the necessary screw drivers, pliers and other essential tools in your toolkit. This way you will do a more professional job, and the final car will look much better. Additionally, always use safety goggles and also clothes that you would not mind getting stained or torn.

Build Your Dream Car

Finally, if you are to successfully build your own RC car, then you must ensure that you build the type of car that you would love operating. You must be enthusiastic about the whole assembly process as it will translate into commitment and much better results.


Even though it may sound a bit complex, it is very easy to quickly build your own RC car provided you have assembled the right materials and tools for the job. The advantage of building an RC car from a kit is the fact that you can easily assemble your car in a short time. An important decision that you will have to make early on as you design your car is whether to use a nitro power source or an electric battery.

By following the steps mentioned above, you will be able to succeed in building a RC car. It will give you the chance to show off your creation to fellow RC enthusiasts. You can even sign up for a race and see how your car performs. So get your tools out and get started on the build your own RC car process as described above.