Castle Creations is a Kansas based company who specialize in engineering and manufacturing R/C motors and parts. They are renowned for both their quality of construction and affordability. Many of the popular R/C car brands work with Cast Creations to create their motors. Because they know they are going to get a reliable, high performance product. The Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 is powerful. It offers high RPM and efficiency, which translates into speed.  Castle Creations have priced their products more and more economically over time. The Sidewinder 3 is certainly affordable. For its price-range, it offers some of the best speed around.

Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 Waterproof Brushless motor and ESC

This set includes a brushless motor and ESC. Not sure about going brushless? Let’s examine the difference between brushed and brushless motors:

The basics of both motor types are almost the same. They work be making a magnetic field when you apply power. This interacts with set magnets. This in turn works to rotate the shaft and rotor, creating propulsion. It’s the construction of the two motor types which differs. Brushed motors use brushes to deliver current via commutators. Brushless motors eliminate these brushes by instead using an amplifier mounted on a stationary part. But enough techspeak; what do these differences mean in real terms?

While brushed motors are simple and cost-effective./ They are far less efficient than brushless motors. Brushless motors are more efficient, and therefore able to generate more power. These motors are typically 5-15% more efficient than brushed motors. This means that more power is being used to power your vehicle, as opposed to being lost as heat. Brushless motors also have a longer lifespan, with less maintenance required. This is because there are no brushes. Brushes tend to wear down over time, meaning you need to replace them.

You probably started out with brushed motors. But at some point, most R/C drivers think about upgrading to a brushless variety. The Castle Creations Sidewinder series is one of the most popular upgrades on the market. Especially for drivers transitioning from brushed to brushless motors. They use quality neodymium magnets which offer low resistance and high power. Their 4 pole rotor design also creates increased torque.

The  brushless ESC unit controls the amount of power which enters the motor. It gets your instructions from the transmitter and controls the speed effectively. Speed control is essential for taking corners, obstacles and, of course, braking. The Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 ESC synchronizes  with the motor for seamless performance. Updated tech gives faster response time and better reliability

This model is 1/10th scale and can handle cars under five pounds in weight. On vehicles which exceed the weight limit, you won’t get enough torque to for peak performance. Luckily, Castle Creations offers a wide variety of motors. So there is something for everyone. The Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 also comes in a range of available velocity levels (kv).


One thing to take into account is gear matching with this motor. The sheer power output of the Sidewinder 3 can be too much for some gear setups, and materials. Make sure you get your gear ratios right. Avoid flimsy plastic gears which won’t stand up to the exertion of the motor.

Waterproof Fun

The Sidewinder 3 motor and ESC are now waterproof, for great racing fun. Change from the track and take your machine out for a race no matter what the weather. Rain, puddles, mud and snow are no problem for this motor. Get the most out of your system by exploring your favorite terrain, without worrying about damage to your controller. Although the Sidewinder 3 parts are waterproof, make sure that your other parts are before taking it into any wet weather! You wouldn’t want a ruined servo, battery, chassis or radio because you were so excited to check parts. To get the longest lifespan and performance, rinse your ESC and motor with clean water after exposure to dirt or other foreign substances. The Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 is the perfect motor for off-road vehicles or even on-road ones. It’s for fast driving in tough conditions.

Programmable Settings

Customize your motor and ESC by putting your preferred settings into it. The ESC can be set by computer for detailed input. You can also use a field card if you like to change things up on the go and see immediate results. To make the most of the software , get the Castle Link USB adapter. Simply use the USB to connect your Castle Creations Sidewinder 3 to a computer. Then input your desired parameters. Tailor your vehicle to your personal needs. This gives the greatest degree of control for your driving.