Christmas Stocking Ideas For The RC Enthusiast

Vroom Vroom…..Christmas is Here!  Buckle up because this Christmas season is about to go from 0 to fun in 5 seconds flat! Remote control cars are back on the scene and a great gift for the avid fan or for those just making the foray into RC racing fun. But……what do you get for someone when you need stocking stuffers? Fear not as we have Christmas stocking ideas here that every RC lover will enjoy.

The remote control car itself is not really a stocking stuffer but you can take any car to the next level with various parts and upgrades.


Batteries are a necessity for ever RC car and they can vary greatly in price. A common battery for cars is a Nickle Metal Hydride Battery (NiMH) but if you are unsure of the type of battery needed because there exists such a range for various RC vehicles it is best to check and know what you need before you start shopping. Find the owner’s manual or check the car itself to see what type of battery is in it.

Battery Chargers

Again, there are a wide variety of chargers varying in price point so it may or may not be a stocking stuffer depending on your budget and the requirements for the particular vehicle you are dealing with. Of course if you are buying a battery, someone at the hobby store should be able to help you out with a charger. This kind of purchase is definitely best made at a hobby store that has knowledgeable staff who are able to help you choose the correct products.

Electric Motors

For the true enthusiast, motor upgrades can be done on cars as well. There are many to choose from that are under the $100 mark but they also cost upwards of $400.

Pre-Painted and Clear Bodies

Car crashed a few too many times? New bodies are available and come pre-painted and ready to go or clear with some decals that can be manually applied. Of course if you need a new body you probably need light kits and all of the fun accessories that help to enhance the appearance of the vehicle and they may great add-ins for any stocking.

Tires and Wheels

Replacement or upgraded tires are always a great gift because let’s face it, a RC car enthusiast is going to burn some rubber. Of course, different cars require different tires so make sure you know if your ride is a sedan or more of a formula one or rally car to ensure you are getting suitable wheels to take to the road.

Power Supplies

You will need your enthusiast to stay powered up for lots of play time over the holiday season so consider a power supply that will give their batteries the right juice to keep their RC running. Generally speaking this is an affordable add in though there are also some more expensive options.

Shock Oils and Differential Fluid

Silicone shock oil is a great stocking stuffer and you can get a couple of different viscosities for the racer to try out on different tracks. Differential fluid is also used to make the RC car handle better and fits nicely into a stocking.

Just for Fun

Your enthusiast already has everything for the car? But what about for them……
Some fun add-ins this holiday season would be a team racing shirt. There are shirts available online or you could have one custom made with his or her own team name. Everyone loves a personalized gift. A new hat would also make great team wear.

Track cones provide a challenge for even the seasoned RC driver as they can be set up in any formation and make racing extra fun.

How about some dirt cleaner? Dirt cleaner is formulated to clean tire beads for a lasting bond. You use it to clean tires for an RC car before mounting them.

More Christmas stocking ideas

You can also consider cleaners such as a motor spray or nitro car cleaner. A clean and well maintained car is a much faster and more efficient car on the track.

Tool sets for maintenance and upkeep of RC cars are also available and start at prices as low as $7.99. Sets and kits are available and there are also many tools available as a single item purchase.

There are many glues and adhesives available that are ideal for model building and bonding parts so if your RC enthusiast is running low on any of these things, replacements fit nicely into stockings.

Perhaps the RC car lover in your life has had so much fun with what is on the market they are ready to get into building their own RC vehicle. There are all sorts of items available from bodies, electronic components, and paints that you could come up with any number of things to add in to a stocking for a great gift.

You can upgrade or fix almost anything on an RC car so listen to what your enthusiast says when talking about the latest race; shocks, shock caps, axle pins, pinion gears, driveshafts, steering blocks – it may be Greek to you but it is the language of love to them!

A Family Affair

Need Christmas stocking ideas for the whole family?  You can make remote control car racing a family affair if you already have one enthusiast and some kids who want to get involved. Fill stockings with mini RC cars so the whole family can join in the fun. The mini cars are small but fast; 2 inches long but hours of fun for everyone. At around $15 each, this is a very affordable option that everyone in the family can enjoy!