Get right to drifting with the Exceed Drift Star RTR Drift Car

The specialists at Exceed RC have changed their fruitful drift car plan into an adrenaline pumping, energizing wheel-spinner sports display for the individuals who adore their cars. The Exceed Drift Star, a 1/10 Electric Ready to Run Drift Car, is a  fully built out bundle assembled from Exceed RC.

Maybe the most particular item from the continually developing Team Exceed-RC, Exceed RC 2.4Ghz Drift Star 1/10 Electric Ready to Run Drift Car includes an extensive rundown of noteworthy enhancements and determinations, while its outline is an immaculate class with an energetic touch.

The novel design keeping up an incorporated low focal point of gravity and a solid, yet lightweight body produced using CNC’d Aluminum guarantees an auto with smooth execution paying little mind to the kind of landscape you are on. Many drift cars accessible today work just on smooth surfaces.

While this one unquestionably has its points of interest when worked on a smooth surface, you can likewise take it outside for more constant activity! This RC drift car is absolutely setting the benchmarks for a toy vehicle high.

Regardless of whether you’re another devotee or somebody that has long held energy for RC cars and drifting, this is a decision that you’ll be happy you made.

To the extent control is concerned, the 2.4 GHz gun style transmitter Radio control offers a superior range and a crispier reflex with regards to sending/reacting to numerous signs all the while. This, thus, enhances the general experience that you will get with the vehicle, particularly while confronting different corners, an unpleasant territory or while attempting to play out some favor move.

The four wheel drive made of floating elastic and a stunning framework made of aluminum with a loop over oil filled component guarantees and advances the smooth execution under extreme conditions. The RC auto empowers unlimited hours of amusing to be delighted in by young men and young ladies, men, and ladies, of any age.

This 1:10 on-street scale show wears an elite 380 3000KV engine and a HOBBYWING 35A ESC speed control framework, making them one among the greatest and effective autos of this classification.

Learn how to choose tires for any surface.


The nitty gritty side-see mirrors, wings, and fumes give the general body a more complex look too. For the individuals who are not kidding about gathering RC drift cars, this model surpasses desires. Maybe the brand was on to something great when they chose the name for their organization.

The shading plans on the Exceed RC 2.4Ghz Drift Star1/10 Electric Ready to Run Drift Cars is presumably the most energizing purpose of dialog. It arrives in a wide assortment of shading varieties which could be classified under single hues and multi – shading variations.

The single shading variations incorporate immaculate silver, dark, blue and yellow. It gives the autos to a greater degree a tasteful look. The multi-shading have a considerable measure of amazing variations and every variation has donned a masterful yet lively blend of two hues in each piece.

Furthermore, there are extra outline works and engravings on the body that makes Exceed RC 2.4Ghz MadSpeed Drift King Edition 1/10 Electric Ready to Run Drift Cars maybe the coolest looking of its deal with there.

The highlights of the RC drift car that you can appreciate:

  • CNC Aluminum upper deck
  • Low gravity focus outline
  • Side view mirrors, windshield, wings and fumes framework included
  • 300KV 380 engine
  • Stun framework

The Drift Star has such a great amount for you to love, and a couple of things to detest. It is one of the best increments you can make to your accumulation.


The grandness of the Exceed Drift Star RC auto surpasses limits for any individual who appreciates RC autos and toys! Any individual who buys this RC drift car will be excited with the unlimited potential outcomes of backyard fun, the lovely body of the auto, the sturdiness of the machine, and additionally the numerous accessible overhauls.

Accessible at a wide range of outlets, obtaining at Amazon will empower you to get the Drift Star at the best price while appreciating different variations too. This incorporates free shipping as well.

This is certainly a drift car that you have to add to your gathering on the off chance that you are hunting down a wonderful RC drift car with a lot of great elements to compliment it!