Four Great Options For Fast Electric RC Cars

There is nothing more exciting and fun than taking control of your fast electric RC cars and blazing it down the roadway. Today there are various electric RC cars that are lightning fast, fun to drive, and do not require nitro fuel to be so. Each vehicle on the market today runs quickly and effortlessly.

Each of these four RC cars are built to run on battery power only. Even more importantly, these vehicles are all designed to go faster than any other comparable cars you will find on the market. All RC cars have their own unique quality features and are usually easy to control although their technical designs can vary significantly. While these are all great cars and fast, there are a few important drawbacks that you should be aware of too.  Let’s look into these as well so you are fully prepared for what to expect before enjoying one of these fast electric RC cars.

Traxxas XO-1 Supercar

The first of the vehicles to check out is the 1/7 scale Traxxas XO-1 Supercar. Traxxas is promoting this as the world’s fastest ready-to-race RC car, capable of speeds of 100 mph or greater. It runs from 0 to 60 mph in 3.3 seconds and reaches 100 mph in about seven seconds.

You will quickly notice the XO-1’s 3.5hp DC permanent magnet motor is brushless and it’s capacitor bank provides a lot of power. To manage all this power, Traxxas created the Mamba Monster Extreme System.  All this power creates a big energy demand, so the XO-1 uses it’s Traxxas Power Cell 3S 5000mAh LiPo batteries.

Getting this car up to top speed will require a good part of the transmitters range of 1,400 feet. While this could be an issue for driving straight ahead, at a track it should not be an issue.  After all, what fun is it to drive in a straight line anyway?Fortunately, for the driver, the tires are made with belted slick materials that can handle the XO’s speed and maintain traction.

Like most on-road vehicles, the XO-1 operates most effectively on most flat surfaces and is especially useful on tackier drag racing tracks. Additionally, The vehicle responds best to smoother steering as sudden changes can cause the car to loose control at it’s high speeds. Also, uneven and broken surfaces can limit the car from reaching it’s maximum potential. The aluminum center driveshaft and the Cush Drive series of drivetrain dampers and shocks keep the vehicle from suffering from too much structural wear and tear from use at the XO-1’s high speeds.

Traxxas Funny Car


Traxxas 6907 1/8 NHRA Funny Car RTR

Bring the intense power of a funny car home with the Traxxas 6907 1/8-scale NHRA funny car.  The black chrome chassis on this electric car pairs with a wheelie bar that moves weight to the rear wheels, thus improving upon how quickly the funny car can accelerate. Covering the chassis, it comes with a realistic body that offers an aerodynamic curve to reduce the overall effects of drafting or excess wind pressure.

One of the popular features of this speedster is the Traxxas Stability Management. What this system does is identifies the car’s motions and speed and adjusts its electric engine for throttle and turning controls as required. Additionally, the straight braking control feature allows the driver to keep a clear hold of the vehicle.

An ET-2400 brushless motor quickly takes this car up to 75 mph. The software on the engine of the ET-2400 can identify how much energy the engine is producing and can generate the appropriate amount necessary to provide different amounts whether you are in race, staging, or burnout modes. The Staging Mode feature on the engine propels the vehicle forward by getting the maximum amount of power out to the vehicle as it first starts up.

With a control range of 330 feet, this vehicle works well for drag racing activities. After all it is a funny car. Additionally, the top even flips up while in motion just like with a real funny car. Although it does have some turning features, this vehicle will perform better going straight ahead.

Redcat Lightning EPX PRO

The 1/10-scale Redcat Lightning EPX Pro is the third of our fast electric RC cars to see. Underneath its lightweight plastic body is a 3300KV brushless motor with a 3500mAh LiPo battery.

Aluminum shocks and a fully adjustable independent suspension are both highlighted inside the Lightning EPX PRO. Each shock is adjustable allowing you to create a better grip on the road and to make the vehicle easier to control. Additionally, the Lightning’s shocks are oil filled which only adds to the smoother and more stables dring experience.

Progressive rate springs have been added by Redcat to improve upon how this vehicle can handle bumpy uneven roads. The aluminum materials around the upper chassis plate produce a stronger layout that does not weaken quickly.

Under the hood, the battery is easily secured to the chassis.  Initially the Lighting comes with a basic 3500 mah battery.  Despite the energy needs of the system, this is a decent starter battery.  However, to get even more out of this car, upgrading the battery up to a 6-cell 7.2V NiMh battery will give you a good performance boost. 3S power sources cannot be used.

Out of the box, the Lightning EPX PRO can easily attain speeds exceeding 30 mph or greater.  Under ideal conditions, some owners have reported getting this car up to 60 mph before leaving the range of the radio transmitter!

Redcat Racing Rampage XR

Finishing up our list of fast electric RC cars is the the Rampage XR. It utilizes a KV brushless electric motor that works with a four-wheel drive system. The aluminum chassis keeps the weight of the vehicle down.

You will find that its 150A electronic speed control system produces a significant amount of torque in a small body. It is surprising how little time it will take for the Rampage to be going 40mph.

The oil-filled shocks, made from aluminum, keep the vehicle on the ground and are less likely to wear out from shaking.

The Rampage XR is ideal for many types of surfaces OR The Rampage XR can handle many different types of surfaces without hesitation….any surface, of course the fastest speeds will occur when the driver is on a flat racing surface.

That Is Our 4 Fast Electric RC Cars!

These fast electric RC cars are all designed with some of the best engines around. The bodies on each vehicle are carefully built and tuned to make them aerodynamic and easy to control. If you are looking for an electric model that is quick you should check out one of these appealing cars. For other options, check out the Best RC Cars for 2017 where you can find other RC cars that can meet your need for speed.