Radio transmitters are one of the most important pieces of equipment an RC driver needs. Even the fanciest RC car would be useless if you didn’t have a radio to operate it. The FlySky FS GT3B offers both a transmitter and receiver for optimum control of radio control cars and boats. The FlySky FS GT3B is an updated version of FlySky’s GT3 model, but with streamlined design and functionality.

The unit itself has been reduced in size and extraneous buttons removed, making for a compact look and user-friendly performance. Matte black plastic and brushed aluminum accents give this inexpensive radio a sleek, high end appearance, without the large price tag. The FlySky FS GT3B incorporates a range of features suitable for mid-level RC hobbyists, and makes a perfect upgrade from FlySky’s GT2, or any entry-level radio. This pistol grip set enables quick communication to your vehicle, giving you a responsive and precise drive.

The Flysky FS GT3B Transmitter

The radio transmitter emits a strong signal with significant range. Be careful not to lose sight of your vehicle while experimenting with the range of this transmitter, because the range is just that wide! You certainly won’t have to chase after your vehicle to keep it moving, with range like this. The antenna can be folded down to avoid damage when stored, and raised when needed. It operates on 2.4GHz frequency, and utilizes FlySky’s Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS). This is FlySky’s version of a Frequency-Hopping Spread System (FHSS) which spreads the radio signal across numerous channels in the 2.4Ghz band.

Frequency hopping eliminates problems to do with interference, as the radio can simply switch to a different channel when it detects problems with the signal. You shouldn’t experience any signal interruptions, because the radio hops frequencies several times per second and any changes are too quick to be noticed.


The FlySky’s FS-GR3C Receiver

FlySky’s FS-GR3C receiver comes with the FlySky FS GT3B transmitter. It is small and lightweight, making it easy to mount on your vehicle without hindering performance. It has three channels for versatile driving and multiple directionality. The receiver includes a failsafe function which you can program. A failsafe is a handy function. It restores your vehicle to a predetermined setting, should the receiver lose the signal from the transmitter. Just imagine a scenario in which your transmitter runs out of battery, but your vehicle continues to go until it loses momentum or crashes. This is an easy way to lose or damage your vehicle. With the failsafe, you can program your vehicle to automatically brake or perform a certain function, when it loses communication with the transmitter. This can prevent damage to your vehicle as well as lost property.

To sync your transmitter with the receiver, plug your receiver into a battery. Then insert the included bind plug into your desired channel. Next, hold down the bind button on the transmitter, until the lights on the receiver stop flashing. Turn off your equipment, then turn it back on and the pieces should be bound. The procedure to set the failsafe is similar. Turn on your transmitter and receiver, and set your transmitter to your desired action. Then, simply press the ‘failsafe’ button on the receiver and you’re done. The GT3B failsafe works on channel 2, which is the throttle.

Flysky FS GT3B Functions and Features

The GT3B includes a range of functions. These can be accessed via a screen, or by shortcut buttons. The screen is large and backlit, for ease of use as well as attractive looks. Use the scrolling dial to access a menu for the different operations and to adjust your settings. Functions include dual rate control, end point adjustment, exponential and trim. You can also use the auto braking system to adjust the rate at which the brakes are applied.

The GT3B has model memory capabilities. This allows you to input settings for up to ten vehicles, which the transmitter will remember. Use three characters to label each model. And then it’s just a matter of scrolling through your set models and selecting the vehicle you are using at the time. Functions like channel 3 trim and dual rate are easily accessible via switches on the hand grip, which allows you to change settings quickly in the field without distracting you from your vehicle. Bring up your voltage on the screen to check your battery life and avoid surprise power failures.

The steering wheel grip is both comfortable and responsive. And the wheel itself has a moderate level of tension when turned. You don’t have to limit your RC use to their field, though. The GT3B can also be plugged into the computer for use with compatible games. A popular model, FlySky FS GT3B RC Transmitter presents good value for money and feature-rich usability.