Flysky FS-IT4S 2.4GHz 4CH RC Car Radio System Transmitter

The Flysky FS-iT4S is Flysky’s most up to date 2.4ghz radio framework. This Flysky radio is equipped with multiple components which are user-friendly. These components allow the operator to arrange the radio control display to their personal preferences.

Flysky’s IT4S can store information on 20 different RC cars in its internal memory due to superior engineering and technology. Also, this system allows for the setting of all trim, exponential, and double rate changes through a graphical interface. The graphical portrayals are, to a great extent, valuable in determining how an RC car will respond to any parameter changes.

Its switch and trim catches, which encompasses the control wheel, are programmable by the user. This enables the driver to program every catch to do a particular task that it has been assigned.

The directing wheel lodging turns which enables the driver to design the controlling wheel plot for a definitive solace. The solace is upgradable by removable the elastic back strap on the single-handed grip. Two sizes of little and extensive are incorporated into the radio bundle.

The Flysky’s IT4S highlights a current era programmed recurrence bouncing computerized framework transmitter (AFHDS 2). This RC Car Radio Transmitter is equipped for accepting transmission parameter data. For example, voltage, temperature, and speed from the beneficiary.

This radio elements’ full telemetry work with the capacity to piggyback various sensors.

The Flysky’s IT4SFS’ huge screen highlights touchscreen innovation permitting more prominent comfort in parameter settings. A stylus is included to shield the screen from scratches. The stylus not only protects the screen from scratches, but also from oil, soil, and other debris that may be on your hands.

The Flysky FS-IT4S is fueled by a  3.7v 1200mah Lithium Polymer Battery (LiPO) and is chargeable using a smaller scale USB port on the transmitter. The radio is available in two colors: chrome dark; and orange crush.

Some of the most prominent features include servo reversing, steering exponential, an endpoint, sub-trim adjustments, and steering speed adjustment.

Throttle speed, neutral range, exponential, and curve are also adjustable to suit the operators’ needs or desires. Furthermore, this quality controller features ABS programming, engine cut programming, throttle idle-up programming, and key programming.

If you intend to use this controller for your RC boat, you will be able to, as it features the boat mode. Additionally, it has a servo movement display, race timer, brake mixing, and full channel mixing.

The Flysky FS-iT4S package includes one FS-IT4 transmitter and one FS-IR4 receiver, as well as the bind plug, charging cord (micro USB), and additional rubber backstrap.

How to choose an RC transmitter

Financial plan and Channels

The costs of RC transmitters vary widely, from as shoddy as $50 to well over $1000.

On the off-chance that you have a tight spending plan and don’t wish to burn through $200, it would bode well to get a modest 6-channel transmitter just to experience flying. You can always move up to a superior transmitter in the future when you are more experienced and more aware of your needs in a transmitter. If you are a novice I think you should simply get one of the better than average transmitter we suggest in the following areas.

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Equipment and Features

There is much to consider with regards to picking a decent transmitter, for example, the show screen (determination, backdrop illumination and so on), how the sticks feel (gimbals quality), numerous model recollections and Training highlights (Buddy mode), et cetera.

Some may likewise like the expo and bend capacities which enable you to change how the sticks respond to your contribution by softening the feel at focuses you setup (despite the fact that this should likewise be possible in the flight controller programming, which is really favored by many pilots so you don’t diminish the sticks determination and contributions on the radio).

Some RC transmitters bolster programming and firmware blazing to upgrade client encounter. You can customize them with music and voice recordings or whatever you’d like. Do your examination before spending a large amount cash on it.


Ergonomics are an individual thing, and nobody but you can reveal which transmitter would rest easy or terrible in your hands. Contemplate, for example, the weight, the area of the sticks and switches, how large your hands are, and to what extent your fingers can reach. All of these can influence the ergonomics of your transmitter.

Telemetry Support

I adore Telemetry. It’s a helpful element that enables RX to send flight information back to the TX, for example, RSSI, battery voltage, current draw and so forth.

Outside RF Module Capability

With this element, you can introduce and utilize an outer transmitter module as opposed to the inherent RF module. It enables you to transmit on an alternate recurrence, for example, 433MHz as opposed to 2.4Ghz, or utilize alternate RF frameworks/beneficiaries from an alternate brand.