Futaba Transmitter 3PRKA 3 Channel 2.4GHz-System Review

The Futaba Transmitter 3PRKA is a 2.4GHz controller that offers an amazing value. It comes with the interference-free technology of Futaba also known as FHSS or Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum. The world of the RTR has made it possible to put our hobby in a new level. Unfortunately, it also comes with numerous amount of junk that will not give you the value of your money. Futaba believes that they have the ability to provide the solution to this current problem by providing an economical and high-quality transmitter. Let us analyze what they have in store for us.

Unboxing the Futaba Transmitter 3PRKA 3 Channel 2.4GHz

The box comes with the on/off switch, the manual, R203Gf Receiver, and the PRKA controller. To commence the standard installation, you will need an RC car and the required battery. The transmitter will require 4 AAs.

Futaba Transmitter 3PRKA UnboxedThe first thing you will notice about the 3PRKA Transmitter is that it is well built despite of its price range. Everything is well done compared to the other transmitter that is within this range. The trigger included is definitely one of the best that we’ve ever seen; however, it is not the same type that is utilized on the bigger model such as 4PKS and 4PL. To those people who are looking for a compact transmitter with only a limited space, then you will definitely love this transmitter. It won’t feel as big as the 4PKs and 4PL, but it won’t be as loose as the other usual RTR radio.

The steering wheel was made on high-quality material and covered by foam that feels soft on the hand which is indeed on par with the more expensive transmitter. Hand grip was basically made up of hard plastic. That is basically the best that you can get on transmitter around that price range. However, it felt comfortable than most of the RTR control that I used in the past. The grip was designed flawlessly, unfortunately, the same level of comfort cannot be provided by the rib. It was a bit short that feels awkward. All in all, the Futaba Transmitter is indeed an inexpensive upgrade from the junk of RTR in the market.

Easy to UseFutaba Transmitter 3PRKA Ease of Use

The 3PRKA is surprisingly easy to sue which can be a great controller for the novice. You will be able to see the door at the rear of the controller that will let you access the reversing switches and the trim dials. You will also not experience any trouble in recalibrating your remote controlled car with the Futaba.


Since the 3PRKA is a pretty basic transmitter, do not expect it to be loaded with different features. It is also the company’s way in mitigating the cost of the
Futaba Transmitter 3PRKA Featurestransmitter. It does come with the most essential features such as endpoint adjustment, steering dual-rate, channel-reversing, and trims.

The overall look of the transmitter is based on individual preference, but you will definitely appreciate the missing antenna as well as the wheel. It is still better compared to the customary controller in the market today.


This is where most of you need to pay attention. We used the 3PRKA Futaba transmitter and compared it against the performance of the high-end transmitter such as Spektrum. Amazingly, the Futaba was able to hold its ground against top quality controller system. It doesn’t experience any lag that you will experience in some excellent controller. Its throttle also appears more linear. I have to tell you that I was expecting an enormous difference between the two controllers and I was surprised to see that there is just a minimal difference between the two. The steering of the two transmitters is pretty much alike, but Futaba excels since it doesn’t experience any lag.

Other Notable Characteristics

3PRKA is an ultra lightweight controller that only weighs at about 379 grams. When you compared it with most of the controllers in the market, the Futaba 3PRK
Futaba Transmitter 3PRKA RecieverA
is indeed a winner. And since it is lightweight, you will never experience in using it the entire day. In terms of price, we can guarantee you that it is one of the most affordable transmitters in the market today. The average price of the controller is only below $70. That is just amazing considering that the included R203GF receiver can go at about $40 in the market.

Finally, we have to check one of the most important parts- the range. Most people are basing their decision on the radio range. We managed to record a range that is around 870 feet which is clearly better compared to the other transmitter.

The Futaba transmitter is indeed an excellent radio that is within that price range. While analyzing it on track, we noticed that it performs just like some of the high-quality transmitter that is 4x its actual price. In my opinion, this transmitter is better compared to other controller that is beyond its price range.