GoolRC Remote Control: The best for the budget-friendly

There is a kid in all of us. What we called “toys” in our childhood, are our “gadgets” today. And what else can pump up our adrenaline like stuff like cars (and boats, if your domain of speed extends beyond land). If you are a car or
GoolRC Remote Control Transmitterboat lover like me, you will know that the real fun is in controlling them with an RC, like a God. A good RC Trans/Receiver is hard to find and quite difficult to judge. This is largely due to the small features that cannot be determined by just looking at the specifications. We must use them to have a trust on their quality. Fortunately, I recently tried the GoolRC Remote Control and I can say that it is one of the better ones. Here is my review of the same.

What is the GoolRC Remote Control?

The GoolRC 2.4G is a remote control that you can use to control remotely the compatible cars and boats. It is basically a transmitter that comes equipped with a receiver too. There are 3 channels for transmission and 3 for the reception, making it efficient enough and enabling you to multitask.

The GoolRC Remote control works between frequencies of 2.400GHz to 2.4835GHz, divided into 160 wave bands and covering the entire bandwidth of the antenna bandwidth range.
The GoolRC uses the Automatic Frequency Hopping Digital System (AFHDS) which was developed by FLYSKY for radio control equipment. The AFHDS technology enables the GoolRC to have jamming abilities, low power consumption, and high receiver sensitivity.GoolRC Remote Control Features

The device is lightweight, with a 262g transmitter and mere 5g receiver, making it weigh overall at just 459g.

Why should you buy it?

The GoolRC remote control is value-for-money. The high receiving sensitivity ensures control up to 200 yards in line-of-sight and almost no drop in signal. The RC comes with super active and passive anti-jamming capabilities that ensure that there is minimal interference with the control. So, you can take your vehicle as far as you can see and experience no trouble with signal or control at all.

  • The device is powered by easily available AA batteries and boasts of low power consumption, making it very economical.
  • The design is sleek, lightweight and pleasant to look at. The built-in antenna on the transmitter makes it even handier to use.
  • The transmitter comes with a LED indicator for easy readability and also sports a warning signal for low-voltage, thus making it very safe to use.
  • The steering is a major plus point, with features such as setting steering and throttle trim, center steering adjustment and reverse control switches.
  • On the top of it, the GoolRC remote control is also compatible with most RC cars and boats, even those that were a decade old. Thus, the RC doesn’t compel you to buy new gadgets for the fun of it.
  • Last but not the least; the RC comes with a Speed Limiter function. This ensures that new users don’t get
    GoolRC Remote Control Batteryoverwhelmed with the top speed and crash their toys – a worthwhile safety feature. Also, the Throttle limit switch comes in handy as another safety measure.

Things you might need to be cautious about

  • The GoolRC remote control is not as robust as some other, more expensive ones.The quality is optimal, but not the best, so you might need to be careful while using it.
  • Buttons are not suitable for all types of fingers in the factory settings, but can be adjusted as per your requirement – you might need to read the manual for that, though.
  • The 3rd transmitter channel is automatic and cannot be manually used by the user. Also, it stays on at all times, thus consuming extra power.
  • Many consumers found that their RC from the box had some loose wire or calibration and had to be readjusted. This is not hard to do, but takes time and a thorough reading of the manual.

Overall Verdict

The GoolRC remote control is a very economic device; perhaps the best at this budget. It sports all the essential features you may need and tries hard not to compromise with the quality. For an amateur who just wants to play with his gadgets on a Sunday, this device is just perfect.
My advice, go for it before stock finishes.