It doesn’t matter how much experience do you possess, because if you like remote control cars and really enjoy constant tinkering with them, well, then you’ll surely get many hours of excitement and enjoyment from the ones that you really desire. There many things involved in getting the answer of How Much Do Remote Control Cars Cost, and in case that you’re new to this then you’ve probably ask many questions.

How Much Do Remote Control Cars Cost Then?

During accurate comparisons with other various hobbies, this can get relatively expensive, but that is also depending on the personal amount of commitment to this hobby. Even in the case of building your personal truck or car and also save the real cost of the kits, fuel, and other parts, it’s problem that battery packs can truly add up, and also some entry fees if you are planning to seriously compete.

Beware of those widely available inexpensive versions of cars! They break quite easily, and this means that Best RC Cars Under 100 Dollars are truly rare. They also cannot be fully repaired like some high-quality RC’s. The high-end could be really maintained to go on smoothly for many years and also fixed easily if anything goes truly wrong. So, expect at least around $200.00 spending per vehicle, and with some more complete types of setup costing no less than $400.


These are the popular kinds of RC’s. These classic on-road ones are  1/10 scale cars, with some 1/8th scale ones are not so uncommon. Recently, the major increase in mini and micro RC’s truly means there can be also ones as tiny as 1/18 RC’s scale. Both electric and nitro on-road kinds are widely available. They are geared for great speed, and they must be your first and only choice in case that you want to compete in a race.How much do remote controlled electric cars cost


If you truly want to put your car almost anywhere, then you’ll need the rugged and strong construction some off-road type of vehicle. These trucks and cars will handle the uneven and elevated terrain, difficult jumps, and sand. They can also come in four-wheel or two-wheel versions, and they are truly capable of secure driving everywhere.

Electric or nitro

Electric ones are generally best for kids and beginners because even in the case that you want to build them yourself, they will be far easier than nitro ones. They’re quieter and also run very clean, meaning you’re really less restrained by the place where you choose to run them.

The answer

So how much do remote control cars cost then? Radio-controlled ones that are toys for small kids mostly fit in the $4 or 5 to $35 or $50 range and possess some basic features like going backward and forward, and they can How much do remot controller toy cars costbe mostly made of various types of plastic, and have painted design. Those higher-end one are constructed from some sturdier kinds of materials and they can be easily controlled to go also in a side-to-side direction and got nice capabilities of increasing speed or turning. Vehicles with these traits likely sell for $100, with some more expensive that cost $300 to $450.

From the child who wants a toy for his race to the dedicated hardcore adult hobbyist with much larger wallet, there are RC’s on the market. But, also during buying them — mostly those higher end types and models — there are many things that you need to think about.

Which are regular battery powered or gas powered, also which are fast RC’s, which are drift ones etc? Well, there are various types of these products that completely specialize in very different things, like being a drift car or a rally one, or simply the car that is the very fast remote-controlled vehicle available on the market.

Valuable information

Something important to be aware of from the real outset is that these cars are truly a high-ends type of hobby, and they can be very expensive. Because if you plan to race RC, there are some greater additional prices that arrive with competition, and you must be aware of that if you want to start to fully compete.

But in case that you’re really prepared and ready for a price, and also if you really make your personal purchases very carefully, then you’ll be generously rewarded with a great new hobby whose rewards definitely outweigh the price. These are some important decisions before your purchase:

  • Do you really want a car that is ready for a run or wants to craft your own?
  • How to Build Your Own RC Car?
  • Do you desire an off-road or an on-road car?
  • Which is one good for you- an electric or a nitro RC?
  • What kind of car do you need – and what is the right size?

Whether you always race RC’s or just play or tinker with cars engines, they are a nice hobby for children of various ages. Firstly it can be really overwhelming, but you’ll recognize that hard work on the RC. And more races with it, the far more joy, fun and interesting this type of hobby will become!

How much do remote controlled nitro cars cost


These small cars are suitable different purposes, and RC’s can be the great and contagious hobby for both the elderly and the small children who like to tinker with various things, and for those who possess a true interest in racing cars or ones would like to enjoy great competition. RC’s are nice building projects during the rainy days, together with a complete blast to run and race outside when it’s the sunshine.

So, knowing this you will be able to find some Best RC Cars for 2017 for sale, with almost all crucial hints and information that you have to acquire about these products. I hope that you will be very pleased and satisfied with this review and with your future purchase of your racing car.

So hopefully we answered your question of how much do remote control cars cost.