The Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 Competition Buggy 2WD is obviously one of the most formidable machines for the racers that deliver an unparalleled performance. This particular RC racing car comes with a few enhancements and tweaks that .will surely escalate your racing experience in a whole new level. Aside from the inherent features of the RB6 like the durable chassis 7075-T6 duralunim, the mounting place of the battery that can be adjusted to optimize the weight distribution, the motor configuration and the oil shocks, this ULTIMA RB6 also comes with a variety of rear wings, the gold shock springs that will enhance the motor configuration and the rear-suspension arm that has 3 holes. The upgrades of this RC car greatly elevate its durability, traction, and the tuning options. The traction improved the grip of the RC cars on different terrains such as on dirt, carpet or grass lands.

Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 Competition Buggy 2WD features Review


Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 utilized a state-of-the-art, hard-anodized chassis using the 7075 duralumin with side trays that are angled and kick-up at the border.  It has a striking resemblance to the chassis innovation of the 1/8 scale which further advances the durability of the RC car.  The transmission unit has been designed compact and intended for easy use.  The set-up of the motor can either be placed on the mid-motor to improve the performance on surfaces with high-grip or rear motor that is ideal on surfaces with low grip.

The layout of the battery allows you to use same shorties, saddle-packs, stick packs, and batteries, depending on the configuration of motor of your Kyosho ULTIMA RB6.  The rear-arms have elevated mounting outlets which allows a more diverse setting option of the configuration of the mid-motor.  The gold shock springs can improve the stability of the RC car.  Resistance of the car against crashes has been updated with the adjustable tie-rods.  The steering system also creates an impeccable turning performance.

Kyosho Ultima RB6 Battery

Kyosho Ultima RB6 Body Off

The Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 is also armed with a shock tower that is designed with a synthetic material with added fibers.  This special material provided the much-needed sturdiness that is essential for racing but still have that required flexibility on the off chance that it encountered a crash.  The shock tower comes with a diverse mounting option that each offers a fine-tuning option.  On the rear and the front axle, you will be able to find a hex system that is secured with a screw.  This makes the pins tightly fastened and prevents any possibility of falling out and can also be changed using the driver.

The Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 is also consists of the Bigbore shocks that are filled with oil.  This additional component is made up of three inherent parts; the lower cap, damper housing, and the upper cap.  Shock absorber of the Bigbore is made from materials that are of highest quality, and they are branded with their smoothness and ease feature.  The Preload can be easily adjusted using a knurled nut that has a fine threading.  The knurled nut also contains an o-ring that secures it in place during the racing action.

Other features of the Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 which are worthy to be mentioned is that the 2015 model has been significantly remodeled and modified for an added level of performance.  Its design also provides rear or mid-mounting of motor.  It also highlights a diff balls made of tungsten.  The mounting position of the battery allows it to transfer in the rear or front when using a separated LiPo battery.

Kyosho Ultima RB6 RTR

The Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 has a dimension of 15.5x9.8x5.5 inches.  It has a wheelbase of 11.2 inches and a gear ratio of 2.6:1.  It weighs at an approximately 1620 grams.  The box will include the instructional manual which will serve as your guide when building the RC car.  It provides a very detailed instruction which guarantees you that you will never commit a mistake when building your kit. It also comes with a supplied functional hex wrench, wings, the high-quality wheels for the rear and the front of the vehicles, the clear body, and the chassis.

Similar with other RC Cars you will need separate items in order to make it work.  You will need a transmitter, preferably the 2 channel system, the steering servo, the speed control for the electric and motor.  Also, you will need glue when assembling the inserts and tires. Motor pinion, the separate LiPo battery and the compatible charger of the battery and the polycarbonate paint which will give an additional detail to your Kyosho ULTIMA RB6.

When you are in the world of racing RC cars, you will realize that the Kyosho ULTIMA RB6 is by far the best buggy that you will ever own.  It has an improved rear traction which makes it perfect for different type of terrain and a great steering.  It also jumps pretty well and is super durable.