Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme


Don’t let the size and outward appearance of this car trick you.  The Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme may be a toy, but it’s a powerful one. It has the articulated front & rear suspension which make it ideal for off-road action, and it’s very compact and lightweight. Speaking of compactness, it’s quite small so it won’t take up much of your storage space wherever you put it.

The powerful performance is credited to the three extremely powerful motors – 2 of them are used for driving while the other is used for steering. This, however, has a downfall – these motors make this toy RC car cost quite a bit when it comes to maintenance. Anyhow, the model itself is quite inexpensive and very cost-effective.



When you are looking for a toy R/C car at this price range, you probably have fairly low expectations.  But with the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme that is not the case.  While this is definitely not a serious hobby car.  It still comes with some great features that will make it a good time for all.

Front & Rear suspension

If you love off-roading with your R/C cars then you will find it can oblige you.  You will find the Rock Crawler has a very flexible suspension system that few other toy cars can compete with.  Keeping your tires to the ground is key which makes this RC toy car ideal for off-road driving;

Three powerful motors

With it’s wheel firmly grounded, the Maisto need to keep them turning.  So to keep you moving over those rugged surfaces, the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme utilizes 3 powerful electric motors to keep you trucking along.  Two of these motors are dedicated to the drive system while the third is used by the steering system.

Tri-channel transmitter

While driving alone is fun, who doesn’t want to race their friends?  With the tri-channel system, now you can with ease.  Up to 3 of you can now compete without the hassle of conflicting signals.

Lightweight but durable

You will be surprised at how light the Maisto is.  Climbing rugged surfaces will be easy with this vehicles.  If it can’t survive the bumps, falls, and crashes, it’s not worth buying no matter how powerful it is.  Built with a light vac-formed armor, it is not only light but fairly durable for when you have those inevitable mishaps.


Extremely cost effective:  Being cheap is why it’s considered to be one of the best RC cars for gifting.
Compact and practically weightless:  Not only is it fun but you can take it almost anywhere with you.  Go camping, on vacation, even on a road trip.  It is a great way to keep entertained when nothing  else is going on.
Very powerful for a toy:  Yes it is a powerful little toy.  You really will be surprised.
Durable construction:  It can hand the lumps it is go  to receive from your off-roading adventures.  Play Away!


It uses batteries: It uses a lot of batteries.  With 3 motors moving it, it is going to use more power.  You may want to invest in a rechargeable battery system like the 8-Slots Universal Smart Charger.

Value for the price – Conclusion:

Cheap and powerful, this RC car boasts an enormous value for the price. Versatile, durable, compact, lightweight – what more do you need?  So get three and take your family and friends out in the backyard and enjoy a fun afternoon racing with the Maisto Rock Crawler Extreme.  Just do not forget to load up on some batteries.