How to RC Tips: Mounting RC Buggy Tires

Mounting RC buggy tires is just the same old common task. However, mounting them correctly is an entirely different story. While there are, I’m certain, many diverse tire mounting articles out there, most of those articles do not revisit to topic or incorporate alll the new simple to-utilize innovations available now. To help address this, I’ve assembled a short “How To” in regards to mounting RC tires.

Step 1- Get Your Kicks

As you might guess, the first step is getting the proper tires for your RC vehicle. Make sure that they are compatible with your car and try to get some tires that are proper quality.

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Step 2- Preparing the Tires

At the point when the tires are made, they are covered with a compound that causes them to separate from the mold cleanly. This substance can at times meddle with the holding of the tire and wheel.

To help remove this compound, take a cloth cloth and spray some Simple Green onto it. Wipe down both the inside and outside of the tires. To help implove the bonding, continue wiping down the wheels as well.

Step 3- Embed the InsertTire with Insert - Mounting RC Buggy Tires.

Take your insert (Why use an insert?), fold it over and press it into the tire. When opening it up, make sure the foam fills the tire evenly. This procedure is fairly simple and straight forward with any closed cell foam insert. However, this process can be a little bit more challenging with the open cell foam inserts. Don’t rush and take as much time as you need and it will fit. Trust me.

Step 4- Mount the Tire

Looking at your wheel, you will notice the inside of the wheel is slightly smaller.  Begin installing the tire pushing it from behind on to the inside of the wheel.  Continue sliding it on until the back side of the tire is completely on in the wheel and the seated in the inside track cleanly. 

Step 5- Mount the Tire Part Deux

With the back side of the tire seated correctly, flip the tire/wheel over and situate the front side of the tire in its track the same way.

Note: If you are utilizing the standard open-cell foam insert, this part might be more challenging. Just be patient and it will work itself out. Getting frustrated and throwing your tires around the room is not going to help you achieve your goal.

Step 6- Tire Bands

ProTek RC 1/10 Off-Road Buggy & Sedan Tire Mounting Bands are a magnificent innovation. They enable you to stick tires while keeping weight on the assembly, guaranteeing a decent, firm bond. Little incorporated tabs enable you to effectively position them wherever you need. They are accessible for 1/8 scale, 1/10 scale rough terrain, and 1/10 Touring Car.

You could utilize elastic groups, tape, Velcro, or any McGyver strategies that you can think of, but you will look like an amateur compared to the look of using the ProTek RC Mounting Bands. Go get a few.

Step 7- Wrap them Up

Extend your tire bands over your tire and position them close to the edge of the surface of the tire. Those little tabs proved useful, now aren’t they? I told you to trust me. Since the Bands arrived in a pack of 4, you should wrap every one of the 4 tires now.

Step 8- Paste them Up

Get your glue out and embed a sticking tube into the tip of the bottle. What, you don’t have any sticking tips? Gracious, this will be muddled… unless you happen to have a couple Aron Alpha Extender Tips convenient. These little pearls slip into the tip of your paste container and make sticking quick and easy.

Use these to control the flow of glue so you get right amount in the track of your tire/wheel assembly. Once you’re finished with the front, put it aside and let it dry. Following a couple of minutes, you can flip the tire/wheels over, re-position the Tire Band and rehash the sticking procedure for the posterior.

Step 9- Ace Glue Job

Take a gander at that paste work. Man, you will make your track mates jealous. They’re all going to want you to mount their rc buggy tires! Once the tires are dry, remove the tire bands and mount them up. They should remain super-stuck to the wheels, regardless of what kind of crazy power you are running through them!

That’s all there is to Mounting RC Buggy Tires

Other than any alternate arrangement of tire groups, you can utilize this technique when mounting RC buggy tires of any type. As you can see, it is not a too difficult thing to do and yet it can make a tremendous difference when it comes to the performance of your RC vehicle.

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