When it comes to racing RC cars; regardless if you are eight years old or eighty, if you love tinkering different things, and you adore cars, you will definitely appreciate it.  But for the first timers, there are a lot of things that you need to think about before you make it to the race.  Choosing your RC cars in a myriad of brands and models with diverse specification can overwhelm you.  Just to give you a heads up, there are possibly hundreds of RC trucks and cars that come with varieties of engine, details that you can customize, and different performance levels.  While the entire mechanics of the RC cars may greatly differ, the primary principles remain constant.  After you managed to understand these factors, you will be able to choose which type of RC car is best for you.

Racing RC Cars: Battery Pack

Examining the Four Primary parts of Racing RC Cars

Power Source

The power source is vital for the engine output, steering and of course the acceleration when racing RC cars. The power source of the RC cars will greatly depends upon the sort of vehicle that you have. For instance, electric type of cars will commonly run using replaceable or rechargeable battery and the nitro engine will work using fuel mixture.

Racing RC Cars: Motor


When you are planning to enter the field of racing RC cars, you will immediately notice the array of engines that comes with a different level of output and difficulty. For the racers, they treat the motor of the vehicle as the heart of their RC cars. It is also the most complex part when you are building or customizing your personal RC vehicle.

Racing RC Cars: Receiver, servo, and battery


The receiver is composed of two parts; the circuit board that can be found inside the car and the antenna. The transmitter will send command using radio frequency which will be picked up by the receiver and deliver the message into different parts of the car. A fully functional receiver is essential when racing RC cars.

Racing RC Cars: Transmitter


This is the gadget that you will be controlling using your hand that comes with a battery (possibly 9-volt). It utilizes radio frequencies as aforementioned which will be relayed into the receiver.

Getting Started on Your First Racing RC Cars

Similar to choosing your first car, you will need to have a lot of things to consider when racing RC cars, some research, comparing of prices and specification and analysis of your particular needs. As we said earlier, RC vehicles vary greatly on mechanical level such as the type, the level of difficulty and the size.

Racing RC Cars: by Archangel12

Racing RC Cars: Nitro RC Car

Nitro vs. Electric

If you are choosing based on speed of racing RC cars similar to the speed of the real cars, you may want to choose the Nitro Cars. They are faster that the electric RC trucks and car; however, tuning and maintenance is more complicated. Electric car will not run as fast as the nitro cars but they produce a lesser amount of noise, and they are ideal for the beginners.

Readily Available vs. Customization Kit

After you decided on your car, you need to think if you want a readily available car, or you want to build it from scratch when racing RC cars. When you opt to build it from scratch, you will be given a kit with complete parts of the RC vehicle. For the beginners, the readily available RC cars would be recommended. But for those who want to have a more profound understanding about the RC cars, then the RC kit will serve you better. In case you are still not sure of what to choose, the readily available RC cars also comes with a manual in case you want to customized your remote controlled vehicle

Photo by Itrados

RC Car Racing Track

Where to Drive the Car

Similar to buying your personal vehicle, you also need to consider the type of terrain on where you will be racing RC cars. In the event that you will be driving on the downtown area, you will need to find an RC car that is designed for speed. RC for On-road will weigh lighter and move faster, so it is recommended to stick with this type of car. In case that the terrain is more rugged, you need to choose off-road RC.

The type of the RC Vehicle

Finally, the last thing that you should consider would be the type and the size of the vehicle. The most renowned size of vehicle when racing RC cars would be the 1/10th scale, but there are also larger vehicle that comes with 1/8 and the mini cars. You will also get the chance to choose which type of vehicle you prefer; there are helicopters, boats, buggies, trucks, and cars.

When joining your first racing RC cars, you also need to pay attention to the regulation and rules of the competition. Some conduct will not be tolerated by the association and may prevent you from entering future competitions.

Racing RC Cars: Traxxas X-Maxx with E-Maxx