Be prepared to rip up the dust as you race the Electric Redcat Racing Tornado EPX PRO through your neighborhood. This Redcat Racing Tornado EPX Pro buggy lives up to its name, with the power and speed creating a cyclone on the road. A punchy design and plenty of features unite to create a high impact drive. You’re unlikely to find a better 4×4 buggy which is more accessible, or for a better price.

Off-Road Adventures

This 4WD buggy is perfect for racing off-road. The Electric Tornado craves adventurous terrain like sand, grass, mud and even snow. It’s been specifically manufactured to be durable, even on the toughest ground. Many of the parts are anodized aluminum, including the upper chassis plate, motor can, shock towers and tunable oil filled coil over shocks. The aluminum provides good durability, while the blue anodized look adds style. Poly-carbonate body armor also increases the ability of this buggy to take shocks without damage, plus the vivid paint job looks great.  Adjustable suspension smooths out your ride, no matter how rough the ground. Traction is enhanced by soft compound  knobby off-road tires, to help you keep control on those tight corners and uneven ground. Shaft driven 4WD gives you enough traction to overcome even the toughest of obstacles. Try a few jumps, too.

Handling is easy as the 4WD gives you precise and responsive movement. Steer your way out of tight spots and odd angles with the forward/reverse ESC.  All the electronics are waterproof, so you can enjoy the Electric Tornado, rain or shine. The differentials are completely encased, to prevent water damage. Take this buggy out in any conditions for a wild, no-limits drive. Experiment with different terrains and weather to add variety to your RC repertoire.


Speed, speed, speed!

Tear up tarmac and off-road terrain alike with this mini whirlwind! With speeds comparable to nitro vehicles, the Electric Redcat Racing Tornado EPX Pro hurtles down the track at an astonishing pace. Its motor is an electric brushless 3300KV 540 Novatech. Brushless motor and ESC offers highly efficient power with little maintenance required. An adjustable rear wing creates rear down force for stability at high speeds, as well as extra traction. Included is a 2.4GHz 2 channel AM radio. It offers forward/reverse transmission for easy handling and control. The range is extensive, so when your buggy whirls away at breakneck speeds, you won’t have to chase after it to keep control. Steering and throttle adjust are available with the radio, as is steering dual rate, for tailored precision.

Perfect for Beginners and Experienced Racers

Redcat Racing represents the entry- and mid- level brand of the Redcat company. The Electric Tornado is a step above a mere toy, while being affordable and accessible to new and intermediate RC drivers. It comes fully assembled and ready to go, so you don’t have to be a mechanics expert to get it started.  Simply open the box and get ready to race!

No one can deny that this car is fast right out of the box, but for truly excellent performance, don’t rely on the included batteries. Batteries are easy for even a novice to replace, and the included ones will run out quickly. So for some real torque, make an upgrade and go for some quality batteries.

Want to make your Redcat Racing Tornado EPX PRO even better?

On the other hand, if you’re one of these hobbyists who enjoy working on their cars as much as racing them, this buggy can accommodate. This PRO Buggy is at the high end of entry-level cars, and can be tailored as much as you want it to be.  Many of the parts can be replaced or upgraded, for an even more intense drive. Customize the suspension by changing the stock oil in the shocks, or replace some of the parts with heavier ones, if you give your car a bashing when you drive. Depending on how aggressively you drive and how much you crash, you may need to make repairs. This buggy is durable, but not immortal!

Check out Redcat’s parts brand Hexfly for compatible accessories and upgrade parts.  It’s really up to you to decide how much you want to customize you buggy, if at all. The Redcat Racing Tornado EPX PRO car is great for true enthusiasts with mechanical know-how, but is designed for newcomers or RC drivers who just enjoy a low maintenance buggy they can race straight out of the box.