The Redcat Racing Volcano EPX Is a Prominent Choice For All Drivers

The thrill of driving the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX is an outstanding experience for all drivers. Take a look at this vehicle, and you will see it is a beautiful off-road vehicle that can cover almost any terrain.  It moves along off-road surfaces quickly and will continue running no matter what conditions the car may experience.

The distinctive design of this vehicle and its ability to move over many surfaces make the Volcano EPX a standout option. But what specific points about this truck make it an off-road vehicle worthy of your time?

A Strong and Sturdy Motor

The 19T brushed 550 electric motor is an important part of the Volcano EPX to explore. The high-torque servo produces energy to keep it running. The maximum power of this vehicle is apparent especially when you begin to accelerate.

In addition, the four-wheel-drive system distributes strength evenly and carefully. The motor and servo are both waterproof as well.

Redcat Racing also included a built-in heat sink for the motor. To also help prevent the motor from overheating, the temperature is carefully monitored and controlled. This aids in maintaining a smooth and consistent speed while driving.

Furthermore, you will discover the transmission uses two separate gears, forward and reverse. These are easy to switch between through the 2.4GHz receiver.

The motor links to a NiMH battery. The power unit is lightweight, although it only lasts for about ten minutes on a single charge.

A Stable Option

The Electronic Stability Control feature (ESC) inside the Volcano EPX keeps the off-road truck under control. It works in both forward and reverse while allowing the whemels and chassis to stay active. The excellent build of the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX allows for extreme use while maintaining the integrity of the vehicle.

Each wheel is a few inches in diameter while the rubber tires are covered with detailed grooves. When the rubber meets the road, you will find your truck move at speeds up to 20 MPH. This makes for a stable vehicle and ensures you can maintain control as you speed your way over the course.

If anything, the wheels are especially capable of moving up and down steep and rocky surfaces. The wheels are capable of climbing all around different spaces quickly and effortlessly.

Also, the 2.4GHz receiver continues to work even as the vehicle gets wet or in some tall brushes. The wireless connection works through a series of waterproof electronic parts. This allows for a better control scheme to truly bring out the power in this car.

Powerful Physical Body

The physical arrangement of the Redcat Racing Volcano EPXhas a polycarbonate body. It uses such a lightweight material to create a powerful look. It resists wear and pressure even as it moves up and down.

Made with aluminum materials, the oil-filled shocks pair quite well with the body. You will find the design offers a strong layout that adds a comfortable texture all the way around.

In terms of its specifics, the Volcano is 185mm high with a 275mm wheelbase from the front to the rear parts. The wheels take up about half of the vehicle’s height which keeps the chassis from bumping into the ground or other jagged spots it might move into. The 30mm ground clearance is high enough to protect the vehicle’s parts while in motion.


  • The wheels/tires are very durable;
  • Waterproof features keep the vehicle running smoothly;
  • This truck is great for beginners.;
  • Very stable and easy to control; and
  • It performs well on a variety of surface.


  • The battery does not work for too long on a single charge;
  • The car is not as fast as other models;

Who Would Love the Redcat Racing Volcano EPX?

The Redcat Racing Volcano EPX is a wise choice for general audiences as it is simple to control without being too complicated. You would be best suited to use the Volcano EPX if you have never used such an off-road buggy before. Try this out when aiming to have a significant amount of control over your vehicle.

Most of all, the vehicle is for anyone who wants something that is capable of handling any kind of all kinds of surfaces. The ability of the car to traverse various surfaces and spots makes it an outstanding option for your use.