When looking for new remote control (RC) cars, you will most probably be confronted with a lot of options. If you go online or if you ask around, you will be overwhelmed with the possibilities, making it more challenging for you to come up with the right choice. Among others, one that deserved to be looked at would be Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy. It is one model that has been recommended by many others, and this alone is already a validation that it is indeed an option that will not bring regrets. Keep on reading the rest of this review to know more about this RC car and easily decide if this is indeed what you have long been waiting for.

Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy Is An Ideal Choice for Beginners

Are you looking for a nice car to introduce you into nitro RC racing? The Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy can prove to be the perfect alternative. Getting it ready for its first race will surely be a piece of cake, even for someone who has not used an RC car before. In fact, it is 99% ready once it is taken out of its packaging. You just have to attach the wing and insert the batteries, and then it is ready to go! To be sure, however, it pays to check the bolts and nuts. See to it that they are tight.

Designed to Withstand Rugged Conditions

When evaluating the options for an RC car, one of the most important things to consider would be durability, which will be indicative of its ability to provide the best value for the money. Take a look at the overall design and the materials that are used. In the case of Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy, it is integrated with aluminum chassis, composite disc brakes and aluminum capped oil-filled shocks. The combination of these materials will provide you with the guarantee that it is going to remain reliable even through the years. It will take long before a replacement is warranted, even if it is frequently used.

Redcat Shockwave In Action

Built to Deliver Unmatched Racing Performance

The 75cc fuel tank is another impressive feature that should be highlighted about Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy. It has a generous fuel capacity compared to most of the models that are available in the market. This means that it has a long run time before the need for refueling.

The 2.67cc Vertex engine is the heart of Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy and perhaps another reason why it has been given words of praises when it comes to its performance on the race track. Coupled by its single speed transmission, you can be sure that it is indeed an RC car that you will not regret choosing above its competitors.

Style that Captivates Attention

The Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy comes with an aesthetically-pleasing design, which is sure to be a head-turner. The paint job, flames, and color, among other aspects, are attractive. From the front to the back, it is appealing. The size is also given good words by many of its users. The RC car has a length of 16 inches and a 26mm ground clearance.

Redcat Shockwave With Controller

High-Quality, User-Friendly Remote Control

As you try to evaluate the options that will confront you, one of the most important things that you should do is to look at the quality and the functionality of the remote control, which will be indicative of how user-friendly it is. With Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy, you will definitely be impressed. The included RC has controls that are strategically-placed. The steering and throttle controls are positioned in such a way that they can be controlled in a manner that is effortless. You can have it controlled at a distance of approximately up to 50 yards. There are battery life indicators, letting you know when there is a need for replacement.

Providing Excellent Value for your Money

Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy is not necessarily the cheapest option that is available in the market. However, if you take a look at its price, you will surely be impressed. It is reasonable enough and even made better by the fact that in spite of such price range, it can deliver functionality that is hard to match. It is filled with features that can be compared to the higher end models. The best thing is the fact that it has lifetime engine replacement.

Should You Buy It?

Given all of the features that have been mentioned above, there is no reason for you to be not impressed. Indeed, Redcat Shockwave Nitro Buggy is an option that is exceptional in more ways than one. From its aesthetics to its engine, from its remote control to its performance, you can be confident that it will be able to demonstrate racing performance that will be better than many others.


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