GPTOYS S912 Luctan Review

The S912 Luctan is a powerful and fast RC car that is budget friendly. This RC car comes with everything that you need inside of the box, next to two AA batteries. There are easy to follow instructions to insert the battery package. You also get a Phillips screwdriver and a Hex wrench so you can take apart the RC car without needing to have the tools already. All of the parts in the S912 are replaceable, meaning that the whole car can be taken apart. You can adjust the height of the vehicle to make easier to drive in grass.

The packaging of the S912 is different from other RC cars in the same price range. The packaging is a nice box with an outline image of the S912. The box is well built and can be used to store the car and other items when it is not in use.

S912 Luctan Package

S912 Luctan Frame

The design looks like a very large toy car. However, this is not a toy, as it can reach 33 mph. This is more of a hobby car than RC car meant for children. The build is durable even if most of the truck is plastic. The tires look like that they would do well off-road with their deep treads, but the car loses traction quickly on soft surfaces. Driving on hard surfaces like roads and paths, this RC car can really move.

The controls are very easy to learn. Some beginners may have problems when they first start driving the S912, as the car speeds up very quickly and the controls are sensitive. However, once the controls are learned, the S912 is easy and fun to drive.

S912 Luctan Control

The battery that comes with the S912 is a Li-on battery that uses a US Plug charger. If you live outside of North America, you will need to buy a converter to use the battery pack. You will also need 2 AA batteries for the Transmitter. The Li-on battery takes about 30 minutes to charge. The problem with the battery pack is that you have to remove it every time that it needs charging. This only takes a minute or two, but it is still a pain. Luckily, the S912 comes with the screwdriver needed to open and close the battery compartment. The Li-on battery life is around 15 to 20 minutes, which is about average for a high-powered RC car.


One of the major pros of the S912 Luctan is how powerful the car is. The powerful motor allows for faster speeds. The creators claim that you can achieve speeds of over 33 mph, which means that you should be careful because this RC car is not a toy.

While the car is made of plastic, it is durable. Even if you were to break a part of the car, you can easily buy new parts. The car is also Semi-waterproof, so you can drive it in the rain and other wet conditions, but you should avoid long exposure to water.

The battery pack that comes with the car is also a pro, as you do not need to waste batteries. You will need to use AA batteries in the transmitter, and these batteries are not included.

The price, There are many RC cars that offer the same things as the S912 for a much higher price tag. Even if you have to replace a few parts, the S912 is still cheaper than other RC cars on the market.


The S912 Luctan uses different types and sizes of screws. This could be a problem if you have to replace parts. The car does come with a Hex wrench and a Phillips Screwdriver to do repairs. If you need to do repairs, you will need to remember which screws go in what area.

On loose dirt and gravel, the car loses traction easily, making it hard to drive. The Off/On button is located on the inside of the battery cover, which makes it hard to turn off and on.

Removing the battery pack for charging, this only takes a minute, but it is a pain, especially if you misplace the Philips screwdriver.

S912 Luctan Sand

Final Thoughts

The S912 Luctan is a great RC car for the price. Even with it being made of mostly plastic, the car is still durable. However, you should not be crashing the car into walls and trees since the case will break, especially at high speeds. Luckily, you can buy replacement parts if you happen to break anything. Off-road terrain is also a small problem because the car does lose traction. On concrete, there is more control and traction that allows for better turning and faster speeds. You also have to be careful giving the S912 to young children, as the engine is very powerful. If you are looking for a good RC car for under $100, the S912 is one of the best.