The Tacon Soar Buggy May Be Just The RC Car For You

Tacon has made a 1/14-scale off-road buggy which features many performance points that are borrowed from slightly larger RC vehicles. The Tacon Soar Buggy prides itself on offering a variety of powerful features in a small body.

Let’s look at what makes the Buggy so appealing to many users. This review of the Tacon Soar Buggy shows that it is ideal for many RC enthusiasts with differing experience levels. The Soar does especially well for newcomers who want to learn how to control such a vehicle or how they work.

The Physical Body

The physical arrangement of the Soar Buggy is an important feature to consider. The aluminum chassis is 2mm thick. The wheelbase is around 186mm. The car weighs about 0.9 pounds in its base form without the battery, and the power unit adds an extra pound.

The 2.5mm-thick aluminum shock towers on the sides of the wheels add to the suspension. These shock towers allow the vehicle to move around off the road without too much power going towards one end of the car.

Oil-filled aluminum shocks take in pressure and keep fatigue from being a threat to all parts of the buggy. The dampening keeps the vehicle close to the ground, so it will not fly off or become too hard to control. Considering the low weight of the buggy being able to hug the ground well can make a world of difference.

Power Points

Out of the box, the Soar comes with an 4500KV brushless motor paired with a 7.2V 1100mAh NiMH battery. The power source connects to a 2.4GHz wireless system. Due to the power comes from different sources, the risk of interference when controlling the buggy is minimal.

You will find the Tacon Soar accelerates fast because of it’s powerful electric motor which is paired with an aerodynamic body featuring a wing on the tail-end of the car. The overall design of the vehicle is striking, and it allows you to keep the car moving fast without any significant air obstruction. The rounded front bumper also keeps the drag down, thus giving the engine more than enough power to let it run.

The battery administers energy to the buggy evenly and quickly. However, it does not take much time for the battery to run out of power, particularly when the vehicle is running at a faster speed.

Tire Points

The treaded tires allow you to take the vehicle off the road. These tires are powerful enough to go on different surfaces, yet still thick enough to bind themselves to the wheels. The tires do not have any protruding points like stoppers that might wear out and fall apart over time.

The tires are separate from the main body of the vehicle. Each shock and axle is visible alongside each tire. This open appearance shows the clear mechanism of the vehicle, giving you instant feedback over how the controls on the Soar Buggy work. These parts are still vulnerable to damage if they are in harmful situations or if you are not careful when controlling the vehicle.


  • The handling of this buggy is consistent and capable of moving the vehicle through numerous surfaces;
  • The physical construction is sturdy and keeps a comfortable design all the way through; and
  • Bouncing and shifting are less likely to occur as the suspension keeps the vehicle intact.


  • The shocks often feel stiff at first and it takes a bit of driving to loosen them up;
  • The axles are at risk of breaking off due to the open exposure design; and
  • The battery is rather heavy and does not run very long on a single charge.

Who Should Buy The Tacon Soar?

The Tacon Soar Buggy works for those who are new to the electric RC car world. The basic layout and the organization of the buggy keep the device easily manageable without the risk of losing control. Additionally, the smaller body of the vehicle keeps it sensible and simple to use without being overly rough.

Try this car out if you are looking for an entry point into the RC world. The Soar Buggy has a great design that adds a good organization all the way through. Tacon makes this vehicle with the goal of bringing off-road RC cars to everyone.