The Tamiya Hot Shot is an 80’s Classic for Today

This off-road power buggy first came onto the market in 1986. It was Tamiya’s first four-wheel drive buggy and it competed with every other buggy in its category. It consistently was ranked number one as the kid’s most desired toy in the 80’s and today’s version is the 80’s classic reborn with 2010 technology. The features and detailed concept make the Tamiya Hot Shot rise to the top. Topping the game in a 1/10 scale. Tamiya Hot Shot has been redesigned and improved upon by a team of engineers to always come out on top of the class.


Tamiya Hot Shot has advantages over other brands. This is a product that has been time tested for over three decades, enough time to get a certificate of excellence, performance, and perfection for a product.

Over the years, it has steadfastly redesigned and remodeled the car to always stand out in the field of competition. This takes the form of additions, subtractions, remodeling, and improving or strengthening.

Tamiya Hot Shot’s drive shaft is strengthened with dogbones at all the four wheels for efficiency, balance, strength, and shaft easy pull off resistance.

For comfort and bounce and easy glide, Tamiya Hot Shot developed with coil spring over oil-filled mono-shock at the front and double shocks behind.

Tamiya’s Hot Shot stands out in so many numerous ways. Age is not a barrier for you to enjoy and engaging cruise with the new Tamiya Hot Shot. It is easy to maneuver, as long as you can mount it, and it brings excitement to the whole family. Tamiya’s Hot Shot is a fun RC car and it is a safe RC car. The extra-fortified shocks and shaft enable you to use it without giving you a backache after a rugged cruise. This is due to the oil-coated shocks which enhance springing and bounce. Tamiya Hot Shot was created for fun rather than work.

Tamiya Hot Shot Specification

The Tamiya Hot Shot is built with the following dimensions:

  • Vehicle length of  15.3” (390mm);
  • Body length of 8.7” (221mm);
  • Vehicle width is 9.2” (235mm); and
  • Body width of 3.7” (95mm).

Tamiya Hot Shot’s vehicle height is 5.9” (150mm) and vehicle height 2.3” (59mm.) These features, with a weight of about  (1,330g) without the battery, place the Hot Shot out as the new generation electric RC car. Its chassis frame is monologue ABS Resin. Tamiya Hot Shot is loaded with a gear ratio of 10.43:1 with 13T pinion gear 8.704:1 with 15T pinion gear. Tamiya Shot is an all-time four wheel shaft drive with dogbone linkage, which helps with speed and fast pull.

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The Hot Shot’s 6-cell w/standard connector with AC/DC battery charging options charge in the range of four hours and gives you’re a very long run time. It is designed with intelligent discharge sensors for optimal performance. It optimizes the battery usage for excellent performance. It will indicate when the battery is running low, (which should be after a very long rugged drive.) Its’ battery is designed to be dependable; it will never give you an accidental rundown leaving you in a dire condition. Take advantage of the all-new Tamiya Hot Shot and its super modeled features for completion or for a cruise in the compound. You won’t regret purchasing one for you or for your child.


It is easy to own a Tamiya Hot Shot. You just click the button “add to cart.” Shipping is free. Adding Tamiya Hot Shot into your cart today, enjoy the free shipping service and get the buggy to the power cruise. The parts and accessories are readily available.

The Tamiya Hot Shot is one RC buggy that you and your kid will always want to drive again. It is durable and performs well on rugged terrain. Furthermore it is not only the kids that will enjoy the ruggedness of Tamiya Hot Shot as adults are fans as well. It serves as a great recreational hobby to ease the nerves after work or on a weekend. You can get one for yourself to make your weekends a groove with the rugged delivery of Tamiya Hot Shot. You are free to race on your own or share with your kids. It’s the exceptional engineering of the all-new Tamiya Hot Shot at play.