Tamiya Sand Viper RC Buggy

The Sand Viper is a present-day adaptation of 80’s R/C autos like the Grasshopper. While deserting the flawed form quality and delicacy of those old Tamiya autos, it keeps hold of the simple form and fast-to-fun approach perfect for novices. It’s an awesome place to begin a Radio Controlled auto pastime.

What sort of R/C auto is this?

The Sand Viper is one of the more current Tamiya 1/10 Off-Road 2WD Electric Buggy auto. It depends on the DT-02 undercarriage and thusly profits by some outline developments and additionally their standard form quality.

A lightweight polycarbonate body joins the now standard oil dampers and full metal bearings to guarantee the spiked back tires remain in contact with any surface. A standard Tamiya 540 engine and TEU-101BK advances and turn around Electronic Speed Control finish the unit.

These segments have been keenly assembled to guarantee a low focal point of gravity – focus mounted R/C unit and NiMH battery in the lightweight bath outline highlights. Full ball dashing supplement notched front tires and elite rough terrain raise tires for improved cornering and grasp.

Options and development

Since the Sand Viper depends on the Tamiya DT-02 body you can exploit an extensive variety of Tamiya jump ups (upgrades). These range from redesigned safeguards, tires to suit your driving conditions, substitution metal parts to the more generous overhauled engine like the RC RS540 Sport Tuned Motor Tamiya prescribe.

While the heading, stuns, wheels and tires are perfect with different models the vast majority of the plastic shaped parts are novel to the DT-02 Sand Viper and Desert Gator.

The TEU-101BK advances and turn around Electronic Speed Control ought to be reasonable for the individuals who need to move to a brushless engine set-up, something that will crush more power from the auto and additionally decrease upkeep.

Time and trouble to fabricate

Those that know about building pastime radio controlled autos ought to come to the heart of the matter of a running auto in four to five hours, and one more hour or two to complete off and paint.

On the off chance that this is the main auto that you have manufactured hope to spend somewhat more. The Tamiya guidelines were careful and simple to take after, and the pieces are very much named and fitted together splendidly – they keep on proving they are the IKEA of the R/C world.

Building the Sand Viper comprised of collecting the back wishbones and differential, gathering the front wishbones, building and filling the four stuns, associating these to the bath suspension and interfacing the electrics. The auto is adjusted off by cutting and painting the polycarbonate body.

This included an assortment of aptitudes from the basic assembly, direction perusing, and persistence, screwing, cutting and managing gooey liquids. The electrics at that point present the requirement for rationale and ID of circuits.

The trickiest perspective for me was the point at which I found given Tamiya Speed Control Unit wouldn’t connect to my Acoms recipient. I needed to trim a blocking stub of plastic on the Tamiya fitting to make it fit – surely a little off the beaten track.

Build Quality

Once assembled the Tamiya Sand Viper felt strong and solid. The container undercarriage development consolidated with the oil filled stuns and off-road 4×4 romping style give the auto a vigorous go anyplace kind of feel.

The front guard is a little on the little side and means the haggles regularly take the brunt of effects. In any case, these too are sufficiently strong to adapt to everything except the most extraordinary impacts.


The blend of basin case and polycarbonate formed body implies that most mud and earth remains out of the auto. The brushed engine passing out the back does gather a lot of sludge and the open wishbone suspension gathers anything that hits them – as is unavoidable on Off Road Buggy sort autos.

A five-minute brush and wipe down is all that is required for most events with somewhat more consideration paid to the engine and internals to guarantee clean-running.


Overall, the Tamiya Sand Viper is a great off-road RC vehicle that promises hours of fun. It is not too hard to assemble, it doesn’t require too much of a maintenance and it is quite easy to use it. This is a perfect toy for the beginners in this hobby.