Monster trucks are definitely cool, but your definition of RC monster cars will probably differ based on the generation that you come from. The early 90’s seems to be the most prominent era of the monster cars. During those years, Tamiya is one of the producers of the electric monster RC trucks such as the Tamiya Clod Buster. But last 2012, the company re-introduced the product through the Tamiya Super Clod Buster 4X4X4 Vehicle.

Originally the Tamiya Clod Buster

The clod buster was introduced to the RC community last September 21 during the year 1987. It comes with a 4-W steering, the monster tires that have 1/10th scale and 540 twin motors. During its released, the Tamiya Clod Buster became an instant favorite of the racing community and became one of the longest running kits of Tamiya. It prompted the other companies to elevate their game and improve their durability and performance. The body of the truck has a striking similarity on the pick-up truck of Chevrolet.

Tamiya Super Clod Buster 4X4X4 Vehicle Features Review

In its 25 year anniversary, Tamiya reintroduced their most popular Monster Truck through Super Clod Buster. The tailgate and the grille of the Super Clod Buster do not make any similarity with the previous Tamiya Clodbuster probably due to the expired agreement between Tamiya and Chevrolet. However, the realistic look of the previous truck is still there. The roll bar, air intake, and the front grille are all manufactured using parts that are metal-plated. It comes with an immense tire with 165mm diameter, 8-coil spring, link arm that is extremely durable, 4WD steering similar to the previous model.

The Tamiya Super Clod Buster is armed with gearboxes that are tightly secured and a twin-motor.  They were molded into a single piece together with the axle housing.  The cornering and the slight power loss are achieved through the differentials and gear transmission.  There is an intuitive switch in the Tamiya Clodbuster that will let you easily shift between economy and powerful mode contingent upon the type of terrain that you will race.  The Super Clod Buster of Tamiya is also equipped with the 4W steering.  This type of feature let the monster truck conquer the tight corner despite of its huge size.

Unboxing the Tamiya Super Clod Buster

The packing of the Tamiya Super Clod Buster is super neat. The division of every part in a separate compartment inside the box will make sure that it will stay in place while they are shipping your item. Taking the Tamiya Clod buster out of the box will also not be complicated. You may probably want to start in assembling the servo horn. This is a component that is used for the 4WS. The mounting blocks can be screwed to the servo in order to prepare it when mounting on the monster truck.

Super Clod Buster Box

For the greater parts of the Tamiya Clod buster kit, they utilized plastic trees. The materials will show small burrs that are normally produced with the plastic trees. Cleaning these tiny burrs is not an issue, and you can simply remove it using knife when cleaning the edges of the parts.

The radio Control Unit is not included in the kit. But in case you are looking for a perfect match, we highly advise the Expec QT-II. Any RC framework that comes with a reverse and forward should also be compatible with this particular unit of Tamiya Clod buster. The entire kit is intended to work with a 7.2V power source. There is also a supplied manual that can help you immensely when assembling the Tamiya super clod buster. In order to avoid issues and trouble, it is suggested to pay closer attention with the nuts and smaller screws. This way you will never encounter problems when it comes to its performance. It will not require you to use thread lock when assembling; however, you need to apply the grease.

Super Clod Buster Side View

When you are checking the antenna, start by installing the batteries and extending the antenna of the Tamiya Super Clod Buster. Connect the battery and extend and loosen. Switch it on and place the steering wheel in the neutral position also place the servo in neutral mode.

The product has a dimension of 12x12x 5 inches and weighs at around 4.4 lbs. The entire shipping weigh will weight at about 12.6 lbs. It will need an additional item in order to make it work. For the transmitter, it will be highly advisable to choose something that has a 3-channel for the steering purposes. The chassis frame is a bathtub type which makes it super durable and perfect for any type of terrain. The manufacturing process of the body utilized an injection-molded system that guarantees the quality of the Tamiya Clod Buster.

Tamiya has long been providing the RC community with high-quality products that will surely be enjoyed by the beginners and by the seasoned racers.  The resurgence of the Tamiya Clod Buster through the Super Clod Buster lives up to its expectation and definitely still one of the best monster trucks out there.