For those of you who are aware of the specifications of RC Cars, the Team Associated RC10 B6 is without a doubt going to appeal quite a lot. We are already well past the time during which using RC cars was something designated for kids and with the power behind this little beast you are quickly going to understand why.

An Unassembled Kit from Team Associated

There are quite a few things that you are most certainly going to love about the Rc10 B6. Right off the bat, this is an unassembled kit which means that you are going to have to put all the parts together. While this might seem like something bothersome for the majority of people, through RC cars lovers know that this is one of the most enjoyable things to do.

Team Associated RC10 B6

What is more, the entire body of the kit comes without any paint applied to it, so you are going to have the freedom to get it paint as you want. This provides you with a lot of convenience as you are going to be the creator of the design and thus have full control over the way your favorite B6 RC car looks like.

Let’s Take a Look at the Features of the Team Associated RC10 B6 Buggy

There are quite a lot of things which catch the eye when looking into the specifications of the model. With this in mind, we are now going to take a closer look at the things which are worth noting. Let’s begin with the most important parts.

The Chassis

When it comes to the chassis, you have to know that it’s made out of hard anodized aluminum which is particularly sturdy and reliable. What is more, it provides durability without compromising the weight of the buggy which remains as low as it needs to be. You can also use thick pocketed chassis weights which are optional and not included in the assembly kid. These are going to allow proper tuning. Furthermore, it comes with a repositioned a plate which is designated to deliver thorough clearance at the front end.


Team Associated RC10 B6 Chasis


The Team Associated RC10 B6 buggy is a two wheel drive, and it has a particularly heavy duty rear axle as well as a front one made out of aluminum. It also has rear hexes which are designated to reduce the rotating mass.

Team Associated RC10 B6 Rear


As you may expect from a high-end buggy of the kind, the transmission is a stealth lay-down. The 3-gear type transmission is designated to ensure low CG as well as particularly reduced polar moment.

Team Associated RC10 B6 Transmission

Differential and Suspension

As far as the differential goes – it’s a gear type which is designated for greater speed as well as for forward acceleration type.  On behalf of the suspension, we have gull-wing front arms which are designed to lower the CG as well as to increase the on-power steering. The Team Associated RC10 B6 Buggy also has updated ball cups alongside modern turnbuckles which are designed to promote precise adjustment as well as durability.

Team Associated RC10 B6 Differential

The Mount of the Motor

The motor is based at the center of the chassis in order to ensure optimum and sterling side-to-side balance. This is going to ensure full control over the vehicle upon steering thus promoting better performance.

Team Associated RC10 B6 Motor Mount

Now, it’s also worth mentioning that this particular model is designated for high as well as very high traction surfaces. The car is going to demonstrate perfect capabilities on these tracks. Taking it a step further into the specifications, the Team Associated RC10 B6 buggy car comes in 20 x 6 x 10 inches clear size upon assembling and it weighs around 2.2 pounds. The car is not recommended for children which are less than 14 years of age.

This is certainly a RC car which is going to be a pleasure to race. It’s designed to ensure performance in terms of speed and durability. The flawless assembly design is going to guarantee that it does more than just good on the race track. All of the parts which are necessary for the construction are included, and you can follow the manual in order to ensure that everything is crafted by the book. Without any overly complicated requirements, you should be able to assemble the entire thing in a short period of time without a lot of effort. It’s very important that you do everything by the book as it’s described in the manual, especially if you have no previous experience. Failing to do so might result in some malfunctioning and under performance which is definitely not desirable.

Enjoy your Team Associated RC10 B6 buggy today. Assembling it on your own is going to add to the overall charm that is to drive a RC car of the kind.