Fine Off Road RC Cars Go All Over the Place

You might think that a remote control car can only go on flat surfaces or paved spots. But there are various off road RC cars that are worth exploring too. These vehicles can head off onto rocky surfaces, power through wet conditions and keep moving quickly even when the road conditions are a little sticky. But while such a vehicle as this can last in many situations, it still helps to look at the choices you have for such a vehicle.

Typical off road RC cars have thick bodies plus strong wheels and tires. Such vehicles can also handle a significant amount of pressure and stress while moving up and down the road.

Here are a few of the best off-roaders that you can control and drive around on your streets or outside them. These are all designed with some appealing bodies that make them easy to control and work on an extensive variety of surfaces. Best of all, the technical features of each unit create a powerful arrangement that is easy to use.

Traxxas Slash

The first of these cars to see is the Traxxas Slash. It is one of the fastest off-roaders around in that it goes at speeds of up to 60 mph. The brushless VXL engine has a waterproof body.

The lightweight organization features a silicone-filled center differential. Pressure around the vehicle is evenly spread out and will not shift quickly. The aluminum shocks also add a sturdy layout that keeps the Slash from suffering from too much pressure while moving about. Titanium-coats shafts also absorb energy well and resist moisture.

The 4x4 body supports a variety of surfaces. The aluminum wheel hubs keep them steady and comfortable. The steering blocks and axle nuts are also lightweight to keep added pressure from being a threat.


Tamiya Ford F-350

The Ford F-350 is one of the more trusted off-road pickup trucks in the world. Tamiya has its RC version of this vehicle with an outstanding high-lift arrangement added onto it. The design features the main body having been raised up very high. The distinct and class look of the F-350 is intact but with an organization that keeps the inside parts from being at risk of fatigue or exposure to moisture.

The steel channel that moves inside the chassis pairs with a series of resin cross members. The bar adds to the overall strength of the vehicle.

The differential can be locked in its place. This allows the vehicle to be stable and to create a better sense of control on rough surfaces.

Viewers will immediately notice how the high-lift arrangement of the vehicle works. The lift is produced to support larger wheels. The 94mm lug pattern tires allow the vehicle to move over jagged surfaces. The individual leaf springs on each wheel add extra control over the shocks. These parts allow the wheels to move on their own.

The three-speed transmission adds power to the vehicle. It produces the maximum amount of energy at the start to help produce a better grip.

Redcat Racing Shockwave

Those who are willing to use nitro fuel in their vehicles should see what the Redcat Racing Shockwave has to offer. It is one of many off road RC cars that run on nitro fuel, an energy source that is more concentrated than traditional fuel. It requires additional maintenance as the nitro fuel tank has to be cleaned out regularly. But when used right, the fuel creates a more powerful setup.

Designed as a racing buggy, it is a 1:10 scale model vehicle. An aluminum chassis is added to create a light weight while the oil-filled shocks utilize with matching materials. The shock towers are fully tunable and easy to shift.

The 2.67cc nitro engine comes with a pull start. A consistent flow of energy is produced within the vehicle at all times. The four-wheel drive system runs on one single speed as there are no reverse features on it.

Composite disc brakes keep the vehicle in control. The vehicle stops and moves forward on a dime without being too rough. Meanwhile, the tires have a series of pointed gripping spots to keep it active and capable of moving up and down surfaces.

Learn more about the Redcat Racing Shockwave.

Vatos RC Storm Chariot

The Storm Chariot is the next of the cars to explore. Vatos made this with a lithium battery to keep it powered up without the need for outside fuel. The 1:12 scale vehicle uses an independent suspension system with helical springs on each tire and can travel at about 30 mph. The car only has a control range of about 50 feet though.

The three-stage differential gear shifts energy inside the buggy. The metal gear inside the engine is consistent and produces power regularly without interruption.

The weight is balanced evenly along the entire body of the vehicle. The arrangement keeps the vehicle from experiencing far too much pressure when moving up and down.

Three LED lights are on the sides of the vehicle. These appropriately run for night vision purposes.

A Few Final Words

You must be careful when looking for the most prominent off road RC cars for 2017. You have to find only the best cars that are sturdy and can travel long distances without wearing out. Check the shocks and other power-absorbing features of each vehicle and see how well the tires and wheels can move over such surfaces.

Don’t forget to look at how it is powered. While many off-roaders are battery-powered, some require nitro fuel.

Be prepared to check around to see what is available in the world of off road cars. The various types of cars you can find today come with some very special features that make them outstanding and distinctive in their right. Choose the one that you feel is right based on your desires and ability to control such a car.