Are you excited about driving around with your RC car, no matter if it is snowing or raining heavily? Do you want to maintain full control over the vehicle at all times and enjoy its great performance? Well, if this is the case, Traxxas Bandit is going to be a wonderful addition to your RC collection. Offering the best value for money, this is one of the best picks for off-road driving and exceptional handling of the car.

Let’s begin the Traxxas Bandit Review

Let us have a closer look at some of the most important features offered by Traxxas Bandit, so that you know what you are buying.

Covers All Needs

Besides its super stylish, aerodynamic design, this is a powerful tool in the hands of kids and adults alike. You can be sure that you will drive around all day and never want to let go of the remote control. This RC car comes with Titan 12-Turn 550 Modified Motor and XL-5 Electronic Speed Control, ensuring that you drive at the desired speed that reaches up to 35 miles per hour. This is really impressive, considering the competition. It also accelerates like lightning, making the driving experience even more pleasurable.

Ideal for All Weather Conditions

Another thing that you should keep in mind about Traxxas Bandit is the fact that it is completely waterproof. As a result, you can drive it under any weather conditions and not worry about snowfall or rain drops or even mud and water. It is meant to perform perfectly anytime. This is why it has been regarded as one of the best Extreme Sports Buggy options in the market. With HD metal gears and 2.4GHz radio system, this is a solid vehicle that can jump around, land on any surface and run fast at all times with great response.

Traxxis Bandit and Controller

Easy to Recharge

If you are concerned about the charging process, you should sigh with relief. Traxxas Bandit comes with a rechargeable battery system and is very easy to complete the process. Its durability dictates that the RC car will perform for long, till it needs to get charged again. The DC charger can be placed on your car and thus help you recharge the vehicle in no time outdoors. This is a cool feature since RC cars are supposed to be outdoors always!

Great at Cleaning and Maintenance

You will find it easy to clean and maintain as a vehicle, and it is wonderful to watch kids break down all the parts and then get them all back and running. In this way, you can experiment with shock oils and other additions that make the performance even more staggering. Tumbles and jumps will not scare this vehicle, as it has been designed to last more than a decade without being in need of repair. But with the right features added to the car, its life span will certainly be prolonged.

Light and Yet Powerful

It is lightweight and thus it can be carried around easily, without making you feel exhausted. It is also portable, and it can be stored wherever you want, not just at the garage. The tires are of exceptional quality, and this makes driving smooth and safe. Traxxas Bandit is perfect for all types of ground, so the tires are immaculate when driving on dirt or the pavement, on mud and on other surfaces. Revo-Spec Torque-Control slipper clutch also guarantees stability and prevents slips that deteriorate driving.

Modern Design

As for its design, it is truly amazing, and it optimizes the impact of the wind on the vehicle. There is a wing at the back that can be removed and the exterior of the car has been carefully painted so that the paint lasts forever. You can customize your vehicle, of course. But the design is so impressive that you will most likely leave it as it is and admire it. The tires are also beautiful, as is every single detail in its making.

What is it that makes an RC car worthy to be added in your collection? Is it its stylish design and great speed rates or the special features that make it special? Do you prefer driving on the pavement or in the mud and do you enjoy driving under any circumstances, no matter how heavily it rains outside? Are you an adventurer, who seeks to push the vehicle into the extremes or would you prefer something simpler and easier to use? No matter what your exact preferences are, Traxxas Bandit is certainly a reliable RC car. It allows you to try out different driving styles, and it is easily adjustable to the various surroundings. It is a solid vehicle that can last a long time and offer endless hours of fun outdoors. Overall, this is one of the best RC cars available for purchase in the market now!