Traxxas LaTrax Rally 4WD RTR Vehicle

Whether you’re new to the world of remote-control cars or an experienced racer, the 1/18 Traxxas LaTrax Rally car has something for you. Perfect as a racing car or just a fun drive, this car has it all. The styling has instant appeal, with a sleek body shape, cutting edge graphics and bright color detailing. The body has been designed to accurately replicate a rally car look and feel. The lowered stance, wide body design and 12-spoke wheels capture the essence of a rally car, tough and dependable.

Rally cars have to be both fast and street-legal, resulting in designs which are practical and durable, as well as speedy. The 1/18 LaTrax has a chassis which can certainly stand up against bumps and crashes, which are half the fun of remote control cars! 20mph speed, traction, durability and power make this a truly thrilling car to drive. Take it for a spin and drive it down fast straights, drift through tight turns and perform astounding jumps.

Perfect Starter and Recreational Car

The 1/18 LaTrax Rally 4WD was developed specifically to be affordable and easy to use. For this price, you won’t get a car which can reach serious competition speeds. But for newcomers and recreational drivers, the speeds are more than fast enough to excite. This is a fantastic introductory option for people looking to enter the world of hobby cars, or existing hobbyists who don’t want to spend a fortune.

It performs well on concrete and asphalt, so take it down to the park or local skate park for some precision moves. If you’d rather start at home, try it out on your driveway. Even better, rip it up indoors for great driving on tiles, timber floors and carpet. Your furniture should also make for some interesting obstacles and fun handling. Even experienced racers enjoy the no-hassle fun of driving this zippy car in the comfort of their own home.

Out of the Box and Ready to Race

The 1/18 LaTrax Rally 4WD comes with everything you need to begin racing. It can be used straight out of the box, with no extra parts or equipment necessary. It is fully assembled, with a push-button set up. The body is painted and decaled. The tires are pre-glued. Batteries are included (4 Traxxas Power Cell AA alkaline), and a high capacity LaTrax 6.0V rechargeable NiMH battery pack, plus a fast charger. Note that LaTrax went a bit car mad and the charger plugs into a car cigarette lighter. If you would prefer to use another outlet to charge, you can buy a separate adaptor. This is optional, and the car will run just fine without it. The LaTrax Rally also features a quick-release battery hold-down for quick battery changes.

Communicate with your car using an included 2.4GHz radio system. The radio is a 2-channel transmitter, with digital proportional output for precision steering, throttle and brake control. It is hobby-grade, with an additional ergonomic comfort grip, low battery indicator, servo reversing and electronic steering trim control.

Easy to read instructions are also included. In short, you get everything necessary to start the fun as soon as you open the box.

Versatility & Performance

Power, speed and toughness are hallmarks of this rally car. It’s capable of high performance, considering its low price point. Power is provided by LaTrax 370 motor and high performance electronic speed control.The steel driveshaft delivers power to reliable gear differentials, which balance power delivery to the wheels for pinpoint cornering and rigorous acceleration. The plastic chassis has a foam bumper and is more than capable of taking jumps, rough landings and crashes without breaking. The durable construction is a plus considering the excellent power specs.  All-wheel drive aids ease of control and traction.

The true defining feature of a rally car is the suspension. The 1/18 LaTrax rally more than meets expectations with its fully independent suspension. This allows each wheel to absorb shocks independently and keeps the overall body in balance. However, as with most 1/18 size cars, flat and smooth surfaces will provide the best performance. This is definitely a road car.

A great feature to add versatility to this model is the three programmable drive profiles. You’re able to choose from three modes, including:

  • Sport mode: You have the ability to go forward, brake and reverse.
  • Race mode: You can drive forward and brake, with no reverse.
  • Training mode (patented): Brakes and has 50% acceleration going forward and reversing. Perfect for children or inexperienced remote control drivers.

All Weather Fun

While it’s not advisable to take this car outside during a blizzard or thunderstorm, wet roads will be no barrier to performance. The electronics are all sealed in waterproof plastic and the Electronic Speed Control (ESC) is designed for all weather use. The servo is water resistant, and a patent-pending weather-sealed receiver box is included. Puddles, rain, ice and snow are no obstacle.

Traxxis Support

LaTrax Rally is powered by the reputable Traxxis brand. This means that should there come a time when you need to replace or upgrade parts, 100& of parts will be available through Traxxis.  You can either deal with Traxxis directly or go to one of their many dealers around the world. Traxxis are renowned for excellent customer support, and this applies to LaTrax too. The Rally 4WD is protected under the LaTrax Lifetime Electronics Warranty, ensuring that can continue to enjoy your car no matter how many bumps and scrapes you have.